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This report covers progress we have made in dealing with your priorities for the Kincardine and Mearns area for the period 1 to 30 April 2021.

The report aims to highlight emerging issues in your area and provide crime prevention advice and guidance.  Our focus is to reduce crime and disorder, help create safer communities and respond effectively to local concerns.

Community Policing Priorities

Antisocial behaviour, Violence and Disorder:

There has been a decrease in the number of Antisocial Behaviour calls within Kincardine and Mearns for the month of April, with 66 incidents reported.  Included in this are 41 calls related to minor disturbances and 25 related to other anti-social behaviour. There were also five incidents of suspected wilful fire-raising including two incidents at Newtonhill. There were no injuries associated with these fires.

There were 10 Assault Crime Files raised within April, which is an increase on the previous month. Of those 10 reported, seven are detected and reported to COPFS, with three still under investigation.

There were no serious assaults reported during April.

Acquisitive Crime:

There have been four Thefts throughout Kincardine and Mearns area this month. All remain undetected and are still being actively investigated.

There has been no reports of Theft by Housebreaking this month.

Road Safety & road crime:

Drink/Drug Driving

In April there was one driver found to be under the influence of drugs that is still awaiting analysis, however, the road-side saliva test provided a positive indication for the presence of opioids.

Dangerous Driving

There have been two reported incidents of dangerous driving for the month of April: one has been detected and reported to COPFS, the other is still being investigated.

Careless Driving

There have been three reported incidents of careless driving for the month of April: two are detected at this time and one is still under investigation.

Community Engagement & Reassurance:


Although there has been a relaxation of the government restrictions, Police Scotland continues to use the 4E’s; Engage, Educate, Encourage and finally Enforce. This policy has helped to standardise the approach to difficult situations raised by the pandemic. It is asked that everyone considers their personal accountability, when associating with others and remember the FACTS approach. F-ace coverings A-void Crowds C-lean hands regularly T-wo Metre distancing) S-elf Isolate and book a test if symptomatic.

Owing to historical reports of groups gathering in the Stonehaven harbour area drinking alcohol in breach of the COVID regulations this area is receiving increased patrols.  


Some three drug search warrant were executed within Kincardine and Mearns during April, all with positive results leading to persons being reported in relation to possession of a controlled drug.

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Landscaping works along new Stonehaven Boardwalk about to begin

sweeping curve of new boardwalk

From Aberdeenshire Council communications team –

THE next step in the transformation of Stonehaven’s popular boardwalk will begin on Monday, May 17th.

Machinery is being brought in to undertake preparatory groundworks in advance of planting which will take place later in the year. 

To ensure the safety of the public and contractor personnel, it is necessary to close off the section of the Boardwalk from the Backies car park up to the River Carron during these works for a period of five days.

The Boardwalk will be re-opened to the public just as soon as the works are complete.  

Men’s Shed contributing to additional new features

Future enhancements will include the addition of raised planters which will provide backing to two of the small benches and the addition of picnic benches to the new seating areas which are expected to be in place by the start of the summer season. 

Meanwhile, Stonehaven Men’s Shed has been working in partnership with the council to construct a wooden picnic table and benches which will also be placed along the Boardwalk to provide additional seating for people to sit and enjoy the scenic views. 

Plans are also well advanced to erect new finger-pointer signs along the seafront from the open-air pool to the harbour as well as new information and interpretation boards along this stretch. 

This will provide background information on the many attractions the town has to offer and the natural sealife which inhabits the rivers and seashore, as well as historical facts on the rich heritage for which Stonehaven is famed.

The replacement of the boardwalk has been possible by a £265,000 grant awarded from the Aberdeenshire Town Centre Fund, with monies allocated from the Scottish Government’s 2019/2021 Town Centre Fund.  Additional funding was also secured from the Coastal Communities Fund (£30,000) and European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) (£45,000) to further enhance the seafront by providing the new seating areas, finger-pointer signage and information and interpretation boards.

Stonehaven’s existing boardwalk was installed around 20 years ago, but had reached the end of its life with boards becoming loose and broken which was creating additional costly repairs and maintenance.

The joint initiative has been led by the Stonehaven Town Centre Improvement Group comprising Stonehaven & District Community Council, Stonehaven Town Partnership, Stonehaven Business Association, Stonehaven Tourism Group, Horizon, Stonehaven Men’s Shed and Aberdeenshire Council.

NESFLAG (North East Scotland Fisheries Local Action Group) is funded by the European Union’s European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and the Scottish Government.

Stonehaven Baptist Church

Our service this week had us turn to situations where we may face discouragement? How do we dredge up the strength to persevere when we feel like the life is draining out of us? Discouragement is something we all face at some point during our lives, indeed for some it’s a daily struggle. There are times when it can be an effort to stagger on, especially when we look around us to find others walking tall.

The solution can be found in passion. If we’re sufficiently passionate about something, we have a foundation to hang on to when the going gets rough. Think of cyclists in the Tour de France, or another endurance race. They can’t all win but they soldier on regardless, they don’t lose heart. If they weren’t devoted to their sport they’d pack up halfway up the hill and go home, but because of their genuine passion they see it through, refusing to turn back. Marathon runners are the same, injury or utter exhaustion not withstanding, they’ll see the race through because they’re committed. In the final analysis is it worth it? Absolutely! We can’t all be at the front when the race ends, but all achieve the triumph of being the best you that you can be, we just need commitment.

For Christians our passion is directed towards Jesus for it’s him we strive to honour. Often this can be uncomfortable, our faith rejected by those who mock while others dismiss us with indifference, suspicion or anger. At times like this it can feel easier to walk away from our faith, likewise when we face trials that appear insurmountable, unfathomable. That though is when our true passion for God kicks in and we’re reminded that his path is the best path, opening ourselves again to his guiding and teaching.

It’s no cakewalk being a Christian and it certainly doesn’t promise a life of ease, indeed the opposite can be the truth. What is promised though is a creator God who is for you, unconditionally, and when tough times come there is great comfort in knowing he will restore and strengthen you again.

Some are blind to the notion of God, rejecting him at every turn, this in itself can be discouraging for those who’s hearts are set on him but it’s everyone’s prerogative to make of God what they will, we’re all blessed with free will after all. Jesus himself wasn’t unfamiliar with unbelief, he hung in agony on a cross while mockers taunted him …’you say you are the son of God, fetch yourself down from the cross then’ they crowed. This he didn’t do, instead he asked his father in heaven to forgive them before breathing his last …but he returned three days later to prove to those self same doubters that he could indeed conquer death. 

This is our faith, that Jesus conquered death and atoned for our sinfulness. We are forgiven through faith in this Jesus and, as a result, can live peaceful lives without the weight of guilt and shame hanging around our necks. Instead we savour the liberating freedom that forgiveness provides. For you to become the best you that you can be, why not consider giving your heart and soul to God too? He’s your steadfast rock and salvation, the one who can transform your life, but only if you let him.

Sports, Leisure and Youth in a Packed Agenda for Our Community Council

leisure centre, swings and open air pool

A PRESENTATION at tomorrow’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council should shed light on the future of sport and leisure facilities in the town.

In what is an agenda full of matters of interest, members will also discuss the planning application by David Morrison, who hopes to build a new home adjacent to his current property at Riverside Drive – and offer areas within the surrounding swathe of land to local groups for the creation of leisure and recreation amenities for the town.

And Dawn Black will give an update on her hopes to start a youth club to provide a much-needed social amenity for our youngsters.

Spending power to the people

Officers of Live Life Aberdeenshire are to make a presentation. At an earlier meeting they flagged their intention to conduct a participatory budgeting exercise in Stonehaven to determine the way forward for investment in sports and leisure amenities.

Service manager Tim Stephen said Aberdeenshire Council were, ”looking to invest a significant capital sum into improving or replacing facilities,” in Stonehaven.

In participatory budgeting, money is allocated to a community – who decide how it is spent.

COSLA and Scottish Government say 1% of a local authority’s annual spend should be decided using participatory budgeting. In their latest budget, the local authority allocated £108 million to capital spend investment for 2021 -22.

Agenda: Stonehaven and District Community Council, Business Meetinglink to join at bottom

11th May 2021, 7pm

  1. Chairperson’s Welcome
  2. Roll-call, recording? (KS)
  3. Apologies & Declarations of Interest
  4. Report & Matters Arising
  5. Presentation on future of Stonehaven community and leisure facilities (LLA officers)
  6. Presentation: Riverside Drive planning application
  7. Presentation: Stoney Rickshaw
  8. Approval of last minute
  9. Matters arising from last minute        
  10. Planning report & reviews: KS
  11. Treasurer’s report: DL
  12. Proposal: to give SDCC project teams the authority to manage their projects within the limit of available funds and approved project objective, rather than referring all decisions back to full meetings of the Community Council: DL
  13. Agenda Meetings: RC
  14. Use of Bequest Funds: JS
  15. Community Action Plan: MD
  16. Youth Club project: DB/AL
  17. Proposal: that SDCC supports the petition by Fairtrade Stonehaven being undertaken with the intention of Stonehaven regaining its Fairtrade town status: DV
  18. Correspondence: AL/DB/PCP
  19. CC Training: ES
  20. (NB special circumstance items only)
  21. DONM: AGM & Business Meeting 8th June 2021

Use this link to join the meeting

Join Skype Meeting    

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Join by phone

+44 1467 53 66 53,,9293938                 

Conference ID: 9293938

Previously in The Bellman

The week’s results at Stonehaven Golf Club

Us golfers are hardy souls, devoting ourselves to a sport that brings all weathers here on the north eastern coast of Scotland. We exited the winter season then with a sigh of relief given the Baltic conditions we’d faced and looked forward with relish to the season proper in a better climate. However, Saturday’s competition was played out in such brutal conditions it felt like the winter league had been revisited. Absolutely dreadful weather it was. 

Results understandably suffered with competitors toiling in gusting winds, heavy showers and bone chilling temperatures. It was the kind of day that had you standing on the exposed 14th tee wondering what on earth you were doing on the golf course, the teeth of a freezing gale cutting you in half and heavy globules of precipitation soaking you into the bargain. Hats off then to those who broke par (only 16 of the 121 protagonists) and commiserations to those whose scorecards resembled a bomb site.


Saturday Stroke

1st. John McMenemy 57*

2nd David Hepburn 61

3rd Scott Reid 62

(*One can only assume that John was fortunate enough to find a pocket of time on Saturday when the weather relented somewhat. To notch a 9 under par suggests the Tartan Tour beckons and no mistake. A nett 57 is an excellent score on a dry Summer’s day without a breath of wind, it’s a minor miracle though when sleet’s slanting in at you sideways and you’re playing golf dressed like an Eskimo. Well done John 👍.)

Midweek Stroke

This was played in slightly more benign conditions but was still very tough going, cold and blustery but with fewer showers. Scoring was difficult, evidenced by the fact that only 5 of 86 competitors managed to break par.

Neil Cattanach’s nett 60 will have the handicap secretary’s due attention, a slashing is on the cards when you go six under par off a relatively low handicap. That said, the newly introduced world handicapping system has most of us scratching our heads, we’re left bewildered by the analytics used to spew out our handicaps so there’s every chance he’ll get put up to 24.

Div 1 – 1st Neil Cattanach (60)

Div 2 – Stuart Irvine (65)

Div 3 – Lawrence Chadwick (64)

Ladies Midweek Medal

Div 1 – J Bradford (65)

Div 2 – Wilma Eccles (64)

There were 28 competitors with only one no-return registered, pretty resolute stuff from Stonehaven’s lady members. On the very same day 27 of the 86 male players handed in the dreaded NR, myself included. There’s a thesis in there about the comparative levels of tenacity and attitude between the sexes… but perhaps I’ll leave it at that 🙂.

Junior 9 Hole Stableford

1st. Josh Killoh 16 points (which in those conditions is sensational and well done too to Molly Skidmore and Matthew Moir for even getting round, it was brutal out there!)

Wellbeing Festival

From the latest KDP bulletin –

Next week is the 6th Aberdeenshire Wellbeing Festival, supporting National Mental Health Week, with a host of activities available in Stonehaven, across the Shire and online.

The festival promotes and celebrates everyday community opportunities which contribute to our wellbeing. A healthy diet and regular exercise are good for our physical and mental wellbeing as are strong social relationships, good community networks and access to affordable activities and opportunities.

The Aberdeenshire Wellbeing Festival offers individuals, groups and communities ways to support mental wellbeing for all, reduce stigma and promote recovery.

This year’s theme is nature and the environment and an opportunity to raise awareness of how central connecting to the natural world is for our health and wellbeing. 

For a full programme of events visit the NHS Grampian website.

Walk Your Way to Wellness

low level shot of man walking on boardwalk

Live Life Aberdeenshire now has trained staff delivering health walks from the doorstep of Stonehaven Leisure Centre.

Live Life Aberdeenshire, a business unit of Aberdeenshire Council, teamed up with Paths for All to give staff the opportunity to take part in walk leader and strength and balance training last year

Walks in Stonehaven take place at the following times –

Stonehaven Leisure centre       Fit to Walk     Tuesdays / Thursdays    10:45am / 2:15pm
Stonehaven Leisure centre       Walk Well       Tuesdays / Thursdays    9:30am / 1pm

Fit to Walk is a short walk (up to half an hour) often incorporating some simple strength & balance exercises. Ideal for people who are inactive and looking to build confidence and ability in walking.

Walk Well is a longer walk (up to an hour) for those who are more able but would still like the support and company of the group environment.

Health Walks provide an alternative to indoor exercise and the new walk leaders use their experience as leisure professionals to support people to become more active in a safe outdoor environment.

The walks are free and accessible to all regardless of age, ability or health status. The walking routes are risk assessed and start from and finish at the leisure centre.

More information about the walks is available online

Support also available to get you on track to fitness

Live Life Aberdeenshire has been working closely with the Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership to develop ‘Live Life Well Aberdeenshire’ – a referral scheme offering information, activities and programmes to help people improve their lives. The scheme can help those who are:
•    inactive;
•    living with a long-term condition;
•    recovering from illness or injury; and
•    those wishing to improve their health and wellbeing.

Anyone looking for support to improve their health and wellbeing can access Live Life Well Aberdeenshire via self-referral or referral by a healthcare professional. Once referred, participants receive one-to-one support and help to start, or continue a journey towards improved health and wellbeing. The scheme signposts participants to a range of physical activities including health walks and low-level exercise classes within local leisure facilities.  

Rapid Covid-19 home testing kits available

Scot Gov poster

From Aberdeenshire Council communications team –

Rapid Covid-19 testing is now available for people without symptoms in Stonehaven – and across Aberdeenshire.

The new Community Collect programme launched by the Scottish Government enables people to test themselves by ordering lateral flow home test kits online which are quickly delivered through the post.

It aims to drive down local Covid-19 rates and transmission by identifying positive cases more quickly, as people can spread the virus to others before symptoms appear.

Residents who don’t have any of the three Covid symptoms – a new continuous cough, temperature, loss or change in sense of taste or smell – are encouraged to get tested.

The kits along with helpful advice are being offered to North-east communities from the Peterhead Community Testing Centre.

Community testing team leader Sara Reid explained: “The lateral flow home test kits allow anyone who is not displaying coronavirus symptoms to test themselves twice-weekly.”

It is estimated that 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not display symptoms and therefore some individuals will be spreading the virus without realising it. Testing without symptoms is entirely voluntarily but we urge as many people to do it as possible.

By taking the test, residents will be able to better protect their family, colleagues and the wider community by ensuring they are not spreading the virus to others without knowing it.

If you wish to order your lateral flow test kits online, please visit:

If you don’t have digital access, you can book your order by calling 119.

Leisure Centre Back in Action

SWIMMING at the indoor pool and indoor exercising will resume at Stonehaven Leisure Centre next week (from Monday, May 10).

And there may be adult group exercise available at Stonehaven Town Hall the following week (from Monday, May 17) provided Scotland moves into Level 2.

A Live Life Aberdeenshire spokesperson said: “The re-opening of Live Life Aberdeenshire sport, leisure and cultural facilities will align with and complement the Scottish Government’s easing of restrictions to combat the Coronavirus as well as ensuring the vaccination roll out in Aberdeenshire remains on track.

”If it is possible to open facilities earlier than originally planned, we will make every effort to do so as we recognise our communities are keen to use them again as soon as possible.”  

Online platform shows activities across the Shire

Live Life Aberdeenshire is delighted to welcome customers back as it begins to reopen leisure and heritage facilities. With demand expected to be high, why not try our virtual Live Life @ Home online platform offering activities, workshops, and resources to keep you on the go or emersed in culture if you can’t make it to one of the many Live Life Aberdeenshire attractions in person.  

The page has been refreshed, updated, and improved so that everything is at your fingertips and easier to find.

Another advantage of Live Life @ Home is if you are considering trying out an activity but don’t quite feel ready to do it in person, you can ‘try before you by’ through taking part in a taster session in the comfort of your own home, before committing to the activity at your local sports and fitness centre.  

Live Life @ Home now includes an extensive library of free videos ranging from fitness classes to author talks, virtual walks, music lessons and films celebrating Doric culture. On our refreshed Live Life @ Home page, you can now find the following:

  • What’s on tab. Where you can access information on activities to help you plan ahead.

  • ‘Seat to Feet’ videos that give progressive gentle exercises for you to try out.

  • For the more active there are Facebook Live classes for all abilities throughout the week.

  • Active Schools have a range of online resources to support children in their return to school.

  • Our colourful farming heritage can be explored online through videos from the Aberdeenshire Farming Museum in Aden Country Park.
  • The Aberdeenshire Museums collection ‘Our Favourite Things’ features special objects chosen by members of the museums team.

  • Macduff Marine Aquarium have a new range of mini talks on local marine topics called the Catch My Drift series.

  • Access the full digital library catalogue where you can download e-books, e-audio books, and e-magazines to read at your leisure.

As restrictions ease, the Life @ Home platform will continue to offer a range of information and activities to complement those on offer in our physical facilities.

To access what’s on offer go to the Live Life @ Home page at

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