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week #2

All eyes were glued on Augusta National at the weekend as The Masters played out in the USA. Hats off to Scottie Scheffler for taking the title and all that but I’d like to see him try and find the 2nd green at Stoney in the weather we’ve been suffering lately.

Blustery conditions again tested the resolve of the 108 players competing for the weekend’s Innes Medal and the scoring suggested as such. No fewer than 49 players registered no-returns, golf’s equivalent of pulling up a horse (somewhat apt since it was Grand National Day also). The winning scores in each of the three divisions were admirable given the winds were strong so hearty congratulations must go to Ewan Mechie, Neil Cattanach and Ross Walker.

The season has got off to a difficult start with diabolical weather but we soldier on regardless. It doesn’t help having to watch The Masters being conducted in warm, sunny climbs but seeing Tiger Woods hack his way to an 82 in round three at least offers some succour to the rest of us.


Innes Medal

Div 1

Ewan Mechie 62

Steven Brown 63

Harry Roulston 63

Div 2

Neil Cattanach 64

Rudi Taylor 66

Graham Sangster 68

Div 3

Ross Walker 62

Malcolm Ritchie 64

Douglas Lorimer 67

Ladies Medal

Div 1

Catherine Duncan 71

Fiona Currie 72

Div 2

Susannah Calder 68

Elizabeth Powell 68

Beware of Pothole

deep pothole in foreground

Dear Bellman

There is a pothole at the junction of Mary Street and Robert Street, which has been there for months.

It is getting larger, surprise,surprise. It cannot be seen during the hours of darkness, nor when it is raining. If a cyclist goes into it, the consequences for the cyclist and the Council could be serious. The cyclist may care, but the Council do not.   

I have  been advised this morning that this pothole will be attended to at the latest by 18 January  2025, but note the qualification “resources permitting.” Tar and stones must be difficult to come by, or may be members of the Roads Department are working from home and scared to come out for fear of disappearing into a pothole. By 2025, you might not see a single-decker bus in this pothole, but the bus might be visible from Mars. 

Yours etc

Douglas Cusine

Concerns Include Reduced Role for Viewmount

By bellmannews / April 12, 2024
Stonehaven Council offices

The closure of Stonehaven’s council office as a service centre, along with library opening hours and the condition of our community bus are areas of concern to be highlighted by Stonehaven and District Community Council, SDCC, in a letter to Aberdeenshire Council.

The latest budget for our local authority came with a swingeing series of cuts to service. One money-waving move is the closure of five out of eight of the Council’s service points – including the one in Viewmount.

New service point arrangements

At SDCC’s meeting on Tuesday evening, Cllr Sarah Dickinson provided an update on the new arrangements for accessing council services, which will come into effect on Friday April 26.

Mrs Dickinson said the service staff would continue to work by telephone.

And she said: ”The Community and Leisure Centres will be providing the contact point, and the staff at the Library will be signposting.

”All staff are going to be trained to deal with any point of contact from the public,” she said.

With these changes, the staff of Live Life Aberdeenshire are coming to the fore as an interface with the public.

Ian Hunter noted a long-standing invitation to Live Life Aberdeenshire to attend an SDCC meeting.

”I’d like to ask if that request could be made again,” he said.

Library opening hours and minibus

Steve McQueen also flagged the number of occasions the library has been closed and questioned the reason.

He said: ”In February when Tim Stephen the area manager was here, he said there was an exceptional amount of staff sickness.

”But when I went to the library I was told the cover was not in place due to the budget and that the level of staffing has changed from two members of staff to one.”

And later on in the meeting the condition of the community bus was discussed, and described as being ‘on its last legs’ with its lift not working. This was noted as being, ‘something else we need to talk to Live Life Aberdeenshire about’.

Annual Senior Citizens’ Concert Evening

St Bridget's Hall

From Stonehaven and District Lions Club

Stonehaven & District Lions Lions Club are holding our annual Senior Citizens Concert on Thursday 24th April.

This year’s concert will take place in the St. Bridgets Hall.

Free tickets are available from Molly’s Cafe Bar, Fountainhall Wines and the Library.

Please share this with anyone who may not be on social media.

Volunteer Recruitment Event

By bellmannews / April 11, 2024

From KDP

Organisations from throughout Kincardine and Mearns will have a wide selection of volunteering opportunities on offer at an event to be held in Stonehaven.

Over 20 groups and voluntary organisations will be attending the Volunteer Recruitment Event to share information on the services they provide and the opportunities they have for volunteers to work with them. 

The event, organised by Kincardineshire Development Partnership, will be held on Thursday 25th April from 3-7pm, at Fetteresso Church Hall, Bath Street, Stonehaven.

KDP Development Officer Margo Titmuss urges anyone looking for volunteer opportunities in Kincardine and Mearns to come along.

She said: “Many local groups are in need of helpers, and this is an excellent chance to find out what opportunities are out there.  Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and feel like you are doing something worthwhile.”

For more info contact

Fair Trade in Spotlight

Bananas with Fairtrade logo sticker

Stonehaven Fair Trade Group is hosting an information session together with its AGM on Tuesday April 23 at 7 – 9pm.

The event in the Community Centre will give you an opportunity to meet the members and hear what our town is doing in its efforts as a fair-trade community.

Everyone is welcome to go along. Please use the QR code in the poster below to register.

Consultation Response and Petition – Do Better!

By bellmannews / April 10, 2024
large pylon looming over countryside

STONEHAVEN and District Community Council, SDCC, have decided they cannot submit a response to SSEN as they have not been provided with enough information about the transmission company’s proposals.

Meanwhile, the action group Save our Mearns have lodged a petition with the Scottish Parliament asking it to, ‘address the concerns about the lack of meaningful, responsible, and robust’ consultation.

SSEN recently extended the consultation period on its proposed Kintore to Tealing 400Kv connection to April 30. Two possible routes are mapped as it passes Stonehaven together with a new substation in Fetteresso Forest.

Despite the possibility of power lines within sight of the town, a large substation in its backyard and the impact of construction traffic, Stonehaven was omitted from list of communities being offered a consultation session. After a request from SDCC, an afternoon presentation was provided at the Recreation Grounds on March 11.

At last night’s meeting, members said they were not satisfied with SSEN’s efforts, as working people could not attend. They said SSEN avoided questions about the impacts of future projects, such as the Glendye Wind Farm and future offshore wind farms, which would tie into and add to the proposed electrical infrastructure.

Chair David Lawman said: ”We are only being asked abut two things just now but in the real world if this network connection goes in, then everything will come afterwards.”

He added: ”There are other projects coming on stream. But SSEN tried to focus only on one thing at a time.

”But there is a big picture and they are not telling us everything.”

Consultation or ‘done deal’?

Jim Stephen said he had attended the event at the Recreation Grounds.

”It felt like a done deal,” he said.

”This is driven by Westminster and the Scottish Government. It was a token gesture to the community. It was a tick in the box.”

Save our Mearns campaigner Tracey Smith, who lodged the petition today with Holyrood, attended last night’s meeting online. She urged SDCC to demand a proper consultation.

”Stonehaven was an afterthought for SSEN, ” she said.

”I know that as you had to ask for a session. What they presented was quite disgraceful, it was not one of their statutory consultations.”

Saying SSEN had chosen to deliver their full consultation in Drumlithie rather than Stonehaven, Ms Smith urged SDCC to demand better for their town.

She said: ”They have not conducted any meaningful consultation in Stonehaven.”

Ms Smith said Save our Mearns had adopted a ‘just say no’ approach, she added: ”I am hopeful that local democracy will win and there will be no substation in Fetteresso Forest and no overhead lines.”

SDCC agreed, unanimously, to ask SSEN for more time to respond and for a full consultation event on the project to be delivered in Stonehaven.

Powerline and Substation Response from SDCC

CONCERNS over the impact of the proposed high voltage power lines and associated new substation at Fetteresso Forest top the agenda for Tuesday night’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council, SDCC.

SSEN have extended their public consultation period for the Kintore – Tealing 400Kv overhead line connection until April 30.

Two options are presented for the overhead line route as it passes to the west of Stonehaven before reaching the proposed substation at Fetteresso Forest – the Hurlie substation.

SDCC have composed a draft response to the consultation in which they ask that the route labelled E2 is used. And they ask that underground cables are put in place rather than overhead cables. Concerns for future developments not yet part of this consultation are also highlighted.

Here is the very detailed response, which can be read in the pane below or downloaded using the link at the bottom.

Members of the public are welcome to attend Tuesday’s meeting held in the former courtroom in the County Building (Sheriff Court) on Dunnottar Avenue. Those who wish to join online can do so using the link below.

Stonehaven & District Community CouncilBusiness Meeting: 9th April 2024 @ 7pm


  1. Chairperson’s Welcome:
  2. Roll-call:
  3. Apologies & Declarations of Interest:
  4. SSEN Kintore -Tealing 400kV Connection and Hurlie (Fetteresso Forest) 400kV Substation – SDCC Proposed Consultation Response – MO / DL / JL / IH & DB
  5. SDCC Constitution Review – Management of long term non-attendance at meetings.
  6. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:
    1. Storm Damage
    1. Stonehaven Medical Centre – Link with Patient Participation Group – RC – Next Meeting TBC
    1. Royal Mail Building – IH
    1. Redclock Park – RC
    1. Hannah Dyson Award & Community Awards – AL
    1. Public Toilets – Beach Area – JL
    1. Aberdeenshire Council – Spending Cuts Including: School Janitorial Services Review / Lollipop Persons / Viewmount Service Point / Library Opening Hours.
    1. Dunnottar Martyrs Memorial March
    1. Community Storage – JS
  7. Approval of Previous Minutes (12th March 2024)
  8. Police Report
  9. Planning Report
  10. SDCC Committees / Sub-Groups (Only Report if Applicable)
    1. Local Development Plan / Local Place Plan – MO – Next meeting 11/04/2024
    1. Invercarron Resource Centre / Older People’s Services – RC / IH
    1. Community Resilience Plan – Update – MO – Next meeting TBC
    1. Achères & Stonehaven Twinning Partnership (Next Meeting TBC
    1. Swim the Bay – JS / NM / SMcQ (Next Meeting 22/04/2024)
  11. Outside Bodies / Committees (Brief Reports)
    1. Transport Action Kincardine-shire (TRAK) – IH – Next meeting TBC
    1. Town Centre Improvement Group – AL/DL – Next meeting TBC
    1. Kincardine and Mearns Community Council Forum – DL / RC / IH – Next meeting 05/06/2024
    1. Kincardine and Mearns Community Planning Group – IH
  12. Treasurer’s Report: – (See Supporting Documents) – MO
  13. Correspondence: AL
  14. AOCB (NB special circumstance items only)
  15. Date of Next Meetings:

Agenda Discussion Meeting: 7th May 2024 @ 7pm & Business Meeting: 14th May 2024 @ 7pm

Join the meeting online

Meeting ID: 828 1029 6226

Passcode: 834986

Stonehaven Golf Club

Week #1

After six gruelling months of winter golf, Stonehaven Golf Club finally ventured into the summer season this week, a relief to all. The winter mats are now gone, the fairways cut and the greens rolled, everything is set…ahem, except for the weather. We were rained off on Wednesday for the first comp of the season, then again on Saturday when the heavens opened, the course closed for the entire weekend for good measure. The forecast for the week to come shows no sign of the foul weather abating.

So there we have the first week of the golfing season. Hey ho. We go again next week, weather permitting.

Church Matters

If you’re a regular church-goer, or irregular for that matter, it’s comforting to know there’ll be an accessible venue wherever you may find yourself on a Sunday. Churches aren’t members-only establishments, all are welcome. This week for example I found myself in Aberdeen so dropped into Bridge Of Don’s Baptist Church, and a welcoming bunch they were too.

The sermon centred on the last three verses of Matthew’s gospel, Jesus instructing his followers to make disciples of others, reminding them not to fear since he’d be with them always. This message applies to modern day Christians too of course, we’re all encouraged to witness for God as effectively as we can whilst having the comfort of knowing he is with us every step of the way.

God provides opportunities for us to share with others the love that we have for him, it’s just a question of whether we’ll accept those opportunities. We don’t have to be pastors or preachers to ‘speak’ about God, just knowing him is sufficient qualification with which to share our devotion, and it needn’t be in words. Our behaviours and attitudes will do. There are so many ‘lost’ people, seeking peace or satisfaction but not considering the true author of such; God. If we can live our lives as a testament to the peace God gives us then we’re honouring him.

But what is it that holds us back from being encouragers of others or accepting encouragement ourselves? Fear is one answer, usually of rejection or ridicule, or simply the fear of failure. Apathy can also prevent us from stepping forward, we can’t be bothered so leave matters to others rather than taking responsibility ourselves. Distractions divert us too, we may have the best of intentions but are too easily dissuaded, our minds getting crowded, our focus lost. Or we may be held back of course simply through a blatant lack of compassion, an area our hearts need to address. God places people in our lives for a reason, we’re to make the most of these opportunities to share his love and not rule them out through sheer selfishness.

Those with faith aren’t insured against difficult times mind you, they themselves need the encouragement of others. It’s a misconception that to have a belief in God is an insurance policy to protect one from all ills, there are plenty of times when believers also need to be pulled up by the bootstraps and encouraged, times when we ourselves may need the mentoring of those more mature in their walk with God. We must be humble enough to accept that. Pride comes before a fall, its not good to wave away those who’ve discerned our need for correction, discipline and re-direction. Tough love they call it, when folk convict us to be accountable for our actions. We’re to be thankful when being encouraged by others not to continually entertain the wrong things in our lives.

Whether aiding others or receiving aid ourselves, in all things we must look to God for guidance and discernment, Ephesians 3 helps us in this regard, God promising to be with us in all situations, empowering us as we seek the way forward. Our close walking with God finds him opening doors to situations, providing the people he needs us to speak to and providing too the words he’d have us share. We’re his hands and feet here on earth, why not open your heart to him and allow him to bless others through you. It’s an honour indeed.

Matthew 28:18-20 NIV – Then Jesus came to them and said, – Bible Gateway

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