Plastic free Stonehaven?

By bellmannews / February 15, 2019
a jumble of sauce sachets - tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, brown sauce. Just need some chips

Campaign by Surfers Against Sewage

SINCE 80% of all the plastic that ends up in our seas was initially disposed of on dry land, a local band of eco-warriors is campaigning to remove the problem at source – here in Stonehaven.

Surfers Against Sewage held a beach clean up last December that saw over 160 adult and children pitch in to help pick up bags of the usual assortment of fishing line, cans and plastic remains.

And at this week’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council, members heard from SAS representative, Amy Barclay, who said they are now working with the town’s businesses, in an attempt to reduce the problem.

They want our shops, cafes and bars to find three single use plastic items they use – such as plastic forks, straws and styrofoam trays – and either replace them or not use them at all.

Amy told The Bellman plastics on our shores is not necessarily a result of dropping/littering. It can also be items the consumer has responsibly disposed of like rubbish in bins, items in recycling buckets that the wind has blown back into the environment, or seagulls have pulled out. 

She added, “This is why reducing the use of these items in the first place is more effective than just relying on the consumer disposing of them correctly.”

Plastic Free Status is  not about getting rid of all plastic, some is very useful and a necessity. Plastic drinking straws are, for some, a valuable aid.  Plastic Free Communities is about getting everyone to work together to reduce the town’s overall plastic footprint so we can eliminate the  unnecessary SINGLE USE plastic by addressing the “throwaway” culture we seem to have created.

“Take small sauce sachets for instance. One big bottle will do the same job,” said Amy

The plastic free pledge is being met with a positive response both locally, where our primary schools have been contacted, and nationally – the Houses of Parliament are to implement new plastic reducing measures this year, in direct response to the SAS campaign.

 See what the Houses of Parliament are going to do

Not to be outdone by Westminster, the members of SDCC offered Amy and Surfers Against Sewage their full support and will look into ways of helping spread the message.