Stonehaven Fairtrade Group Aim to Regain Fairtrade Status for Town.

By bellmannews / February 26, 2021

From Peter Bellarby –

We are almost half way through Fairtrade Fortnight 2021, which is running from Monday 22nd February to March 7th.

As part of the event, the Stonehaven Fairtrade Group are participating in a number of partnership initiatives to kick off their quest to regain the Fairtrade Town status previously awarded to Stonehaven.

As we slowly emerge from the many challenges of the Covid pandemic the group wanted to make sure that the challenges of many food producers across the world were not forgotten and the need to highlight the work of the Fairtrade Foundation is even more important in these times.

During the Fairtrade fortnight festival of activity they wish to lay the foundations for regaining the Fairtrade Town status by forging new community partnerships and raising the profile of Fairtrade with the general public. The group have a new Facebook site where the their work and that of the Fairtrade Foundation can be found.

Show off your fairtrade baking

As part of the celebrations they are having a Fairtrade baking competition over the next fortnight. Anyone can enter and all they do is post a picture on the group’s Facebook page of the raw ingredients along with a picture of the finished bake. There will be prizes, courtesy of the local Co-op stores, for the best-looking bake and for the highest number of Fairtrade ingredients used in the bake.

Co-op and Haven raffle

The group have also teamed up with the Coop stores who, as a company, have been championing Fairtrade in their shops for nearly 30 years, and The Haven larder to run a raffle for a basket of Fairtrade products. The raffle if free to enter (donations to The Haven welcome) and open to anyone visiting The Larder over the next couple of weeks. This partnership helps connect communities who are promoting people’s right to access to food and the fight against food waste

Peter Bellarby, chair of Stonehaven Fairtrade Group said, “We are very much looking forward to this fortnight of activity and starting the process to regaining our Fairtrade Town status.

”We have always had a strong commitment to Fairtrade in the town through the coop, many cafés, local businesses and charities stocking and using these products.

”We now need to gather evidence of this commitment again through emails, interaction with our Facebook page and invitations to talk about the work of the Fairtrade Foundation. Of course, much of this have to wait until we have significant lifting of restrictions but we felt it was important to use this fortnight to get the ball rolling and get people thinking about what they could do to help moving forward. It was felt that it was a good project to get underway as we emerge from what has been a challenging time for all of us across the world.”

Stewart Aitken, Member Pioneer for the Co-op in Stonehaven said: “The Coop is a major champion of Fairtrade and stock many items in their shops so I was really pleased when I heard that the local group were looking to apply, in the near future, to again have Fairtrade Town status for Stonehaven.

”If we can help then we are more than happy to do so. I know the previous members of the group spent a lot of time gathering the required evidence and hopefully businesses, shops, schools and other charities and organisations can help in this process and confirm their commitment.

”It is also heartening to see one of our current local community fund causes, The Haven, getting involved as it is this type of partnership that make a difference. We also have information and stalls in our shops.”

Anyone interested in hearing more about the work of the Fairtrade Stonehaven group please email or message through the Facebook page.

Anyone interested in hearing more about the work of the Coop in the community can contact Stewart Aitken, Member Pioneer for Stonehaven at