About Us

The Bellman is now a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation – a SCIO

Our SCIO’s registered name is: The Bellman (SCIO)
Our charity number is: SC050368
Our SCIO was registered on: 10th August 2020
Our principal contact address is: 18 South Lodge Drive
AB39 2PN

Our charitable purposes are: (f) the advancement of citizenship or community development.
Our charitable objects are: The organisation’s purpose is to advance citizenship or community development through representing and promoting the news, interests and amenities of the community in
Stonehaven, South Aberdeenshire by providing a free, digital news website.

The Bellman has no political affiliations. We will publish articles, with relevance to the Stonehaven community, contributed by any political party and/or candidate.

The Bellman team comprises a number of writers who can publish their organisation’s activities direct – having said that, final editorial control remains at all times with Jane Cruickshank, editor of The Bellman.

The Bellman is funded both by funding from various sources and, when possible, by paid advertising.

The Bellman SCIO has three trustees: Jane Cruickshank, Mike Duncan and George Reid – pictured above

We would be very pleased to have more hands-on volunteers – there are many aspects of The Bellman that could be improved. Please get in touch if you are  interested – the more the merrier!

The success of the Bellman will depend on the clubs, societies and people of Stonehaven using it as their go to place to post information about their activities, special events and stories. Any content that is about the town, its people or heritage would be welcome – stories, photos, videos all wanted.

And of course, to make it worthwhile, our content needs a willing audience – so please Like and Follow us on Facebook, or visit this site regularly to catch up on what’s been happening in Stonehaven.

To contact the Bellman and to send us content, please email:


 All suitable content will be posted asap