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Church Life

By Alex Russon / February 20, 2024

Before any church sermon is preached, a prayer is first lifted to God, asking him to make known his will for our lives through the preaching of his word. When listening to a sermon we’re not looking to be entertained, necessarily, although that’s a happy bonus, we’re in truth seeking God’s message for us, discerning […]


Stonehaven Baptist Church – prayer

By Alex Russon / February 14, 2024

Why? Where? What? When? Who? For those of us unaccustomed to the concept, a prayer meeting may sound peculiar, perhaps even suspicious. Why would a group of people assemble to close their eyes and lift their thoughts to an unseen God? Well, faith is the answer, people of faith demonstrating their dedication by talking and […]


Stonehaven Golf Club – Winter League Update

By Alex Russon / February 7, 2024

Only four weekends remain of the winter league before the cut is made and Finals Day pairings planned. Given poor weather, there have been some unplayable weekends since the league began in November, but hopefully 12 rounds will be completed (of which the best 9 contribute towards competitors’ aggregate totals). I hope that makes sense. […]


Stonehaven Baptist Church – Proverbs 8

By Alex Russon / February 4, 2024

Every Thursday evening we meet for bible study, prayer and fellowship at Stonehaven Baptist Church, our evening centring on a particular bible scripture. This week that scripture was Proverbs 8, a passage dealing specifically with the subject of wisdom. What is wisdom? Well, it incorporates many facets but to name just a few: knowledge, integrity, […]


Stonehaven Baptist Church – message for the week

By Alex Russon / January 29, 2024

Stonehaven Baptist Church meets at 11am on Sundays within the Old Courthouse building down in the old town. We share fellowship, listen to God’s word, pray, blether and scoff cake. All are welcome but those who can’t make it we hope are encouraged by this weekly missive which aims to unwrap what we learned from […]


Stonehaven Golf Club – Winter League

By Alex Russon / January 28, 2024

The annual winter league is beyond halfway now, time then for a summary of standings. It’s been a traditionally grim season weather wise, but competitors know fine well what they’re buying into so don’t grumble about the cold temperatures, biting winds and sodden turf. It’s an opportunity to get out of the house, keep active […]


Bible message – Stonehaven Baptist Church

By Alex Russon / January 22, 2024

Stonehaven Baptist Church is just one of many churches in Stonehaven to which you are welcome. Here’s a summary of the message from last Sunday’s service which focussed on just two verses from the bible’s book of Romans. Each week a preacher unwraps a specific portion of the bible, delving deeper within the printed word […]


First Ceylon Tea Club in Scotland is launched

By Alex Russon / June 16, 2023

Stonehaven woman Punya Samarakoon brings her nation’s favourite tipple to our lips, introducing the first Ceylon Tea Club here in Scotland, based right on our doorstep, in Cammachmore. The market for Ceylon tea remains untapped in Scotland, despite the country being known as a nation of committed tea drinkers. We consume an average of four […]


Football innit

By Alex Russon / March 10, 2023

When I was a lad I was rotten at football, just a clogger. “ You couldn’t trap a bag of cement Russon” my PE teacher would inform me as another pass cannoned off my kneecaps. I soon dropped the notion of becoming a professional footballer and plumped for mediocre golf instead. My son Ernie can […]


Stonehaven Golf Club this week

By Alex Russon / September 20, 2022

Without wishing to sound indelicate, it’s been a week for the club’s more ‘experienced’ golfers here at Stonehaven. The club boasts a thriving youth fellowship and there’s a very healthy middle aged spread, if that’s not a contradiction in terms, but it was the turn of those advancing somewhat in years to scoop the silverware […]

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