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Mearns Camera Club – information request.

By Martin Sim / August 5, 2021

As part of its 50th year activities, which start in September 2021, the Mearns Camera Club would like to get it touch with any of the family members of the founding committee. According to information the club has they were – John Law, I. Burnett, A. Whyte, Gordon Wood & J.G. Imlach. Other prominent club […]


Carron River Flood Work Update – In Pictures

By Martin Sim / March 28, 2020

As the flood defence work has been put on hold for the time being, due to the virus, here are some photographs of how the different parts are looking. The existing wall on the south side was to be left but will now have to be demolished and rebuilt as it would be affected by […]


Memorial Model

By Martin Sim / January 20, 2020

The Tolbooth Museum in Stonehaven has another reason to visit it. For those who find the walk up to the War Memorial on the Black Hill too difficult there is now a model they can view in the Museum. On Friday 17th January the museum was presented with the model by its creator Colin Stewart […]


The creation of Stonehaven’s War Memorial

By Martin Sim / November 2, 2019

Stonehaven’s War Memorial is a particularly noticeable monument, standing on top of the Black Hill just south of the town. It is often thought of as being in a poor state of repair but this is the way it was designed to look – as unfinished or ruined as the lives of those it commemorates. […]


The Architect of Stonehaven’s War Memorial but much more.

By Martin Sim / September 21, 2019

John Ellis, Architect (1874 – 1929) John Ellis designed Stonehaven’s most noticeable piece of architecture – the War Memorial. He was born on 10 June 1874 in Stonehaven to John and Barbara (Thomson) Ellis. John (senior) was a shoe maker. They lived, and he worked, at 79 Barclay Street. One of seven children John was […]


Carron River flood work in Stonehaven

By Martin Sim / September 17, 2019

The work that is being done on the Carron river and Glasslaw burn progresses at it’s own pace. Sometimes there is a big change then it slows down a bit. It’s certainly worth a walk around to see what has changed. The problem can be that once it has changed you can find it difficult […]


Stonehaven’s War Memorial

By Martin Sim / August 11, 2019

Stonehaven’s War Memorial was built in 1922 and officially unveiled in 1923 to commemorate the men and women who lost their lives in the ‘Great War’ of 1914 -18. More names were added after the end of the Second World War -1938 – 45. It was designed by local architect John Ellis to look like […]


Photographic Exhibition

By Martin Sim / July 31, 2019

Mearns Camera Club Exhibition Starts 1st August till the 31st. Every year, in August, Stonehaven’s Library is the venue for a local photography exhibition. The pictures won’t necessarily be local but they will have been submitted by people from the local area. It will be upstairs (lift available) and well worth a visit. The Mearns […]