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Getting Sober

By Alex Russon / March 9, 2021

Who knew that her majesty the Queen and I had something in common? We both boast two birthdays. Liz’s actual birthdate is April 21st but she also has one on the second Saturday of June, a tradition the monarchy started so that the nation could celebrate with her in balmier summertime weather (true dat). As for […]


Help is at hand…

By Alex Russon / December 8, 2020

The damage caused by the affliction of alcohol and drug dependency is a tragedy the world over and, just like the Covid pandemic, it’s a condition which doesn’t respect class or culture. You can be dependent on alcohol or drugs at virtually any age whether you’re unemployed, employed, retired, rich, poor or anything in between. It’s a blight on society across the globe and the region of […]


Another Anniversary – Eating Disorder Week beginning 25 February

By StoneyLisa / February 26, 2019

By Counsellor Dennis Robertson After 8 years we still feel the ache but we have learned to continue living our lives. 25 February is the Anniversary of our daughter Caroline who died because of Anorexia; a former pupil of Mackie Academy. It is purely coincidental that this date is the beginning of Eating Disorder Week, […]