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The Woman on Stonehaven Black Hill War Memorial

By Jane Cruickshank / November 7, 2020

In 2014, Aberdeenshire’s Heritage Education Partnership, supported by Aberdeenshire Council, completed the ‘Hard Vrocht Grun’ project – the creation of an education resource for schools, colleges and researchers exploring the effect of World War 1 on the North-east of Scotland. “Hard Vrocht Grun” is a Doric phrase meaning “hard fought ground” or “hard worked ground” […]


Alistair’s Virtual Walk Around Stonehaven

By bellmannews / October 14, 2020

Enjoy the beautiful views across the bay and around Stonehaven harbour from the comfort of your favourite chair, as Doric spikker Alistair Lawrie – a member of Stonehaven and District Community Council – takes you on a virtual walk around bonnie Stonehaven.


Graveyard Discovery

By Jane Cruickshank / May 17, 2020

A MAN whose contribution to Scott’s 1901 expedition to Antarctica is commemorated by a mountain named after him, lies buried in Stonehaven – I’d never heard of him, have you? A passing glance at a modest gravestone in the Cowie kirkyard revealed that Helen Jane Welsh, whose name heads the gravestone, rests with her husband […]


Harbour Improvements, Harbour History

By Jane Cruickshank / April 22, 2020

THE works needed to upgrade the steel sheet piles at Stonehaven harbour have been granted listed building consent. The piles encasing the end sections of the Net Pier, Fish Jetty and South Pier were put in place approximately 60 to 70 years ago, to protect the stonework of the jetties. If you are interested in […]


Why Stonehaven is Called Kilwhang

By bellmannews / February 29, 2020

Dear Bellman Recent references to Kilwhang on Facebook got me wondering again why Stonehaven got a name that I long suspected was made up. While searching the British Newspaper Archive on line for a totally different subject, I was delighted to come across many references to Kilwhang.  The attachment is a short summary of my […]


Memorial Model

By Martin Sim / January 20, 2020

The Tolbooth Museum in Stonehaven has another reason to visit it. For those who find the walk up to the War Memorial on the Black Hill too difficult there is now a model they can view in the Museum. On Friday 17th January the museum was presented with the model by its creator Colin Stewart […]


Stonehaven Man is Prime Minister

By bellmannews / December 13, 2019

Used with kind permission of the British Newspaper Archive – John o’ Groat Journal – Friday 02 March 1838 While on the subject of bellmen, I may conclude this sketch by relating a singular incident which came lately to my knowledge, relative to Peter Menzies, the son of the Stonehaven bellman. Martial Keith, a celebrated Scottish […]


Getting Around

By bellmannews / December 8, 2019

By ”The Mearns Rover” – Next time your teenager asks you for money, tell them to go down to Waldie’s and ask about getting a paper round to earn some cash for themselves. Then watch as they regard you with slack-jawed incomprehension and mumble something along the lines of: “Huh? A what?” These days we […]


Memory Lanes

By Jane Cruickshank / November 24, 2019

The paths of my childhood by “The Mearns Rover” – There is a hidden side to Stonehaven, which as a child I loved. I suppose it is common to all villages, towns and cities, but it requires local knowledge built up from years of exploring … the often-unknown paths that connect one street to another. […]

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