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Wabbit after Babet

By bellmannews / November 3, 2023

Dear Bellman Communities across Scotland are licking their wounds and no more so than the North East of Scotland. I’m sure it’s left us all a wee bit wabbit after Babet! The boardwalk is torn up by the Easterly storm and the area is strewn with flotsam and jetsam. Seaweed appears to be our new […]


Motion Praising Horizon’s Work

By bellmannews / September 22, 2023

Dear Sir, Tess White MSP would like to congratulate Stonehaven Horizon on recently being awarded a Certificate of Recognition at the Beautiful Scotland awards. As a way to recognise and celebrate this success, Tess has submitted a Parliamentary motion to the Scottish Parliament praising the ongoing work of everyone involved. The motion submitted is detailed […]


Pot Holes and the Post Office Hole

By bellmannews / July 16, 2023

Dear Bellman I wrote recently to the Council about Stonehaven’s collection of pot-holes. Some are of such a vintage that they could be for consideration by the Antiques Road Show. I mentioned Thomson Terrace where to me there is less road surface than pot-hole. However, the response was that a “couple of defects” had been […]


Open Secret

By bellmannews / May 19, 2023

Dear Bellman Would you like to know a secret? Stonehaven Leisure Centre is closing for refurbishment. That is not, of course, a secret, as most, if not all, users know that. What is a secret is when the closure will be. The staff at the Centre do not know and, sadly, there are some who […]


Longer Days Deeper Potholes

By bellmannews / February 27, 2023

Dear Bellman, The street lights on Belmont Brae have been out of action since early January. However, the mornings are getting lighter and so there is even less urgency surrounding their repair. As Spring approaches, the ground is opening up. I am not, of course, referring to the appearance of crocuses and daffodils, but rather […]


Seeking Clan Donaldson

By bellmannews / November 7, 2022

Dear Bellman, I would request that you might put me in touch with any local amateur historian who may have some knowledge or contact of the Donaldson clan in and around Stonehaven. On our mother´s side we are Donaldsons, with many generations originating from Kincardineshire, more notably Stonehaven, and with at least maybe six consecutive […]


Grand Curry Night

By bellmannews / August 9, 2022

Dear Bellman, I would like to share a few thoughts about the Curry Night at the Carron to Mumbai in Stonehaven that was held on the 3rd of August for the Erskine Veterans Charity.  First, I would like to thank Abdul Hamid and his team that worked so hard to make this event possible.  You could […]


Is Macavity Here?

By bellmannews / July 8, 2022

Dear Bellman I live in the Ury Crescent, Slug Road, Princess Road area of Stonehaven. An attractive ginger cat passes through my garden and it meows for attention if it meets humans both big and small. It also enjoys sunning itself in my garden and if my back door is open will enter, I have […]


Campaigning for Passengers’ Comfort

By bellmannews / July 6, 2022

Dear Bellman At a recent Transport Action Kincardineshire (TRAK) meeting the requirement to change trains at Montrose for connections to and from the South for travellers from Stonehaven Laurencekirk and Portlethen was on the agenda. I was able to tell of a journey endured by my wife and myself on a “Club 50” return trip […]


Request for Tidier Prom

By bellmannews / June 14, 2022

Dear Bellman I am very lucky to live on the beach front and am grateful for all the litter pickers , but why oh why am I faced with a pallet of sand bags? The sandbags have made a home on the walkway, dogs come along and urinate on them, then mums come with kids and […]

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