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Victims of the Second Wave

By bellmannews / January 15, 2021

Dear Bellman, Pandemic? Which Pandemic? My 34 year old grandmother died in November 1918. At her funeral my 36 year old grandfather fell ill and was dead a few days later. Both of them killed by the flu pandemic. Their daughter, my mother, not yet two years old, obviously survived and was cared for by […]


A Stonehaven Man Says, ‘Credit Where Credit is Due’

By bellmannews / October 4, 2020

I would like to say a big thank you to teams at both McLaughlin & Harvey  and Aberdeenshire Council following the most recent “near miss” flooding event we had on Saturday.  I alongside many other concerned residents have been critical of both parties and challenged some of their decisions and failings, when I felt it […]


Looking for Answers

By bellmannews / September 7, 2020

From Stonehaven resident Douglas J. Cusine – To Stonehaven Community Council, I have not been able to identify an agenda for your next meeting, but I assume that the appearance of the town may, in some guise, be under consideration. If that is correct, I have the following comments and questions. The recent flooding is […]


Come Plant a Community Orchard

By Jane Cruickshank / November 18, 2019

Dear Bellman, Stonehaven Horizon Project has been engaging with Aberdeenshire Council”s Greenspace Project Officer, Tajana Telisman Sosic, supporting Aberdeenshire’s green spaces and biodiversity project.  With help from Neil Clapperton of Common Weald Cider, and the involvement of local groups, it is Horizon’s hope to plant a community orchard on Saturday November 30 (meeting 10am) in the council land adjacent to […]


Praise When Praise is Due

By Jane Cruickshank / September 30, 2019

Dear Bellman Just over two weeks ago I contacted Aberdeenshire Council about a pothole in a pavement, a blocked drain and an overgrown path. Today I noticed that they have all been sorted. Well done the council! It’s very easy to criticize when things don’t happen so I felt it was only fair to give […]


Tree is Living War Memorial

By bellmannews / June 24, 2019

Sir, In recent times there have been some important and moving celebrations of events both from the first and second world wars.  We are in the near future about to celebrate another fairly unique event. On 6th July 1919 an oak tree was planted by the then Provost of Stonehaven to commemorate the signing of […]


Phone a Friend, Form a Quiz Team

By bellmannews / April 9, 2019

Dear Friends and Quizzers, The Stonehaven SuperQuiz Challenge 2019 – Stonehaven Town Hall – Friday 24 May The Stonehaven SuperQuiz 2019 will take place on Friday 24 May 2019.   Quizzers across the area should set that date firmly in their diaries for what will prove to be another fun night of quizzing and entertainment at […]


Fairtrade Fortnight – 25th February to 10th March

By StoneyLisa / February 18, 2019

From Monday the 25th of February to Sunday 10th of March 2019 Fairtrade Fortnight is taking place. Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual promotional campaign which happens once every year, organised and funded by the Fairtrade Foundation to increase awareness of Fairtrade products. It makes use of volunteers who support the goals of Fairtrade but who […]


Full marks

By bellmannews / January 30, 2019

Dear Bellman 10/10 to Aberdeenshire Roads Department – they have gritted the Bervie Braes foot/cycle path right up to Redcliff corner, and all the way up to the Braehead estate from Dunnottar Avenue. Thanks Guys. Martin Sim

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