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Stonehaven Golf Club – midweek comps

By Alex Russon / April 16, 2021

Marvellous sunny weather accompanied this week’s Wednesday competitions at Stonehaven Golf Club, it’s a blessing to play golf under blue skies with the sun beating down. An extra ten degrees on the temperature might have been nice but you can’t have everything. The winners are detailed below. For my part I managed a net 65 […]


Stonehaven Golf Club guide – hole #2

By Alex Russon / April 13, 2021

Continuing our tour of Stonehaven Golf Course, we turn to the 2nd hole, not one for the faint hearted. This one is kindly sponsored by GT Joinery (who might be kind enough to build me a gallows if I deliver yet another double bogey there this weekend). The second hole at Stonehaven Golf Club, while […]


Stonehaven Golf Club – results & stuff

By Alex Russon / April 11, 2021

Stonehaven’s golfers are accustomed to experiencing four climatic seasons in one day, but this weekend’s weather was beyond surreal (thanks to Ali Robertson for the attached photo). In the course of a three hour round of golf every type of weather presented itself with sun, snow, hail, wind and rain accompanying members as they shuffled […]


SGC Results – Barnard Castles The Field

By Alex Russon / April 7, 2021

That’s the first weekend of competition completed at Stonehaven Golf Club as the new season kicks into action. The Ladies begin their season in earnest this week, meanwhile the Men’s and Junior sections fished out their pencils to complete scorecards good, poor, and indifferent this Saturday and Sunday past. The first Innes Medal saw three […]


Stonehaven Golf Club guide – hole 1

By Alex Russon / April 3, 2021

1st hole As the new golfing season cranks into gear, we’re introducing a hole by hole guide to Stonehaven Golf Club over forthcoming weeks. The golf club has been a focal point of the town for well over a century, but if you’ve never visited it, perhaps we can give you an idea of what […]


New season at Stonehaven Golf Club

By Alex Russon / March 23, 2021

After several months of golf in the raw, members shivering under four layers to complete eighteen holes in sub zero temperatures, Stonehaven Golf Club now puts behind it the shadow boxing that is the winter league, and plunges headlong into the summer season. It’s been a long winter but that’s history, now it’s time for […]


Stonehaven Golf Club – Winter League almost done…

By Alex Russon / March 14, 2021

And it came to pass, after several gruelling months playing in the Winter League, that the Douglas & Russon combo failed to reach the final. In this week’s last qualifying round of the campaign, our performance ended up typifying our hapless season as we fluffed our lines yet again to end the competition closer to […]


Stonehaven Golf – winter league

By Alex Russon / March 8, 2021

Just two weeks remain of this season’s winter league at Stonehaven Golf Club, the competition boiling down to the penultimate qualifying round this weekend past. The finals are to be held in a fortnight’s time and I now have grave doubts that myself and Douglas will be participating after our latest fiasco, a reprehensible 70 […]


Winter League Golf – modesty rules

By Alex Russon / March 2, 2021

I’m guilty sometimes of truth economy with my write ups on here, exaggerating my contribution to our team score a little. Keith Douglas and I play in Stonehaven Golf Club’s winter league doubles competition, our best individual score on each hole counting towards the team total, and I’ve been known to big myself up on […]


SGC Winter League bluster

By Alex Russon / February 24, 2021

After a weather enforced four week break, the Winter League reconvened this weekend, a procession of golfers delighted to be back out on the course. Saturday was wet, Sunday was windy, Douglas and I playing on the Sunday with his backside competing to be heard above the gusty elements. The elements lost, he has no […]

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