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River Ice

By bellmannews / January 11, 2021

By Andy Hall – Melting ice offers a rich seam of artistic photographic possibilities. The Cowie and Carron rivers present many opportunities at this time of year when the temperature often drops to below zero and ice forms around plants and stones. Ice in itself is photogenic but it is at its best when the […]


Stonehaven Harbour

By bellmannews / December 13, 2020

Through the Lens by Andy Hall – Stonehaven Harbour provides regularly-changing opportunities for photography. A casual walk around the inner harbour will reveal a multitude of subjects in the form of ropes, nets, creels, flags and chains. My main aim here was to make an ordered composition out of a chaotic collection. Robert Capa, co-founder […]


War Memorial Sunset

By bellmannews / November 29, 2020

By Andy Hall – Nothing encourages someone to reach for a camera more than a stunning sunset. An image of a dramatic sky isn’t enough, though. An interesting silhouette to place against the colourful sky makes the most of such a vivid opportunity. Because the sun sets in the west and Stonehaven is on the […]


Dunnottar Castle in Snow

By bellmannews / November 20, 2020

By Andy Hall – As we prepare ourselves for the full onset of winter, hopefully there will be an opportunity to photograph iconic Dunnottar Castle at its most photogenic – after a fresh fall of snow. The ideal conditions are in late-afternoon when the sun is lowering behind you, directing beautiful golden light on to […]


Dunnottar Castle, at Dawn

By bellmannews / December 18, 2018

This is image was taken at the very start of winter 2018. Golden hours photography relies on shooting before and after dawn and the same at sunset. I remember waking before dawn four or five am and sensing the time was right to make an attempt on the castle. I contacted Andy Hall my mentor […]

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