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Winter golf at Stoney – mind funkery

By Alex Russon / December 29, 2020

According to common maxim, 95% of a golfer’s fortunes depends upon that which is occurring between his or her ears during a round of golf. Provided a player possesses the basic fundamentals of a golf swing, the scorecard will, in large part, reflect the mindset deployed whilst that individual was on the course . This […]


Winter Golf – a grown man cries

By Alex Russon / December 23, 2020

There’s something rather discomforting about watching a grown man cry, it’s akin to witnessing the scolding of a child, you don’t quite know where to direct your eyes. The  modern era accepts the need for men to let their emotions show, and that’s a good thing, but nevertheless, it can be perplexing when you see a […]


Stonehaven Golf Club – weather wins this weekend

By Alex Russon / December 13, 2020

Poor weather put paid to any notion of golf at Stonehaven Golf Club this weekend, the course closed due to flooding. Hardy members play in most conditions but the closure was unavoidable, enjoyable golf not being conducive to teeing off ankle deep in water or attempting to putt through veritable ponds. It’s a shame, I’d […]


Winter League Golf At SGC

By Alex Russon / December 7, 2020

Back in the eighties, when I last played the game of golf with a degree of capability, I’d often be found out on the course with one of the two Douglas brothers; Jack or Keith. Sadly, I then discovered alcohol (unrelated incident) which I devoted myself to for the next two decades, a sorry tale […]


Winter golf at SGC

By Alex Russon / December 2, 2020

Russon & Douglas’s spluttering start to the winter league doubles competition can be attributed to only one man, Keith Douglas, given he didn’t bother turning up for the first two rounds and was barely noticeable in round three. It was pleasing therefore to find him step up to the plate this week and deliver a […]


Ernie’s Debut

By Alex Russon / November 29, 2020

Some 38 years ago I pitched up at Stonehaven Golf Club for the very first time, an adolescent kid in burgundy stay press trousers, white socks and loafers (I know ?). My family had just moved up from Birmingham and my father reckoned golf was the way forward if I was to make new friends, […]


Stoney Golf

By Alex Russon / November 25, 2020

This weekend marked the third round of the Russon/Douglas assault on the Stonehaven Golf Club winter league doubles competition (quite a mouthful) and for the first time Douglas actually showed up. He needn’t have bothered mind you, his rustiness contributing towards an inglorious combined score of 70 which leaves us in ninth position, or, in […]

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