In Aberdeenshire drivers aged 65 and over have been involved in more collisions in December than any other month, says Road Safety North East Scotland (RSNES).

From 2005-17, 82 were involved in a reported road traffic collision in the area during December. The lowest number occurred in March, with 46 reported in that age-group.

The most common reason for these collisions was related to driver observation.

Older drivers can face specific challenges when driving, such as poorer eyesight, slower reaction times and reduced physical ability – all can potentially affect ability to drive.

RSNES Chair and Head of Transportation at Aberdeenshire Council, Ewan Wallace, said: “While older drivers bring years of experience to the road, our statistics show that December does seem to pose a particular challenge for them.

“Issues such as reduced daylight hours, weather related issues, as well as a busier road network will probably all play their part in this seasonal peak.

“It’s not only vehicles that have to be ready for the road during the winter months, all drivers also need to be fully prepared and this is particularly so for older drivers.

“Basic issues which are important to consider include ensuring that your eyesight meets the legal requirement for driving, whether you are comfortable driving in reduced daylight and darkness, through to making sure vehicle headlights are clean, in good working order and provide maximum brightness.

“Journey planning can also be beneficial, to consider what other methods of transport might be available to undertake the journey – whether in-part or for the entire trip.

“As we near Christmas, a collision-free December is top of the list in our letter to Santa.”

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