About Us

By bellmannews / March 20, 2015

About us


Right now, the Bellman is an informal group of volunteers who are working towards creating an effective online newspaper for Stonehaven:


Jane Cruickshank, John Cruickshank, Karen Donaghue, Mike Duncan, Stephen Fraser, Julie Lindeman, Andy McArdle, George Reid, Nick Robins, Jim Stephen


Within this group we have links to Stonehaven Community Council, the Stonehaven Town Partnership, Horizon Group, Fireballs and the Lions. We have also had meetings with Mackie Academy and hope senior pupils may join us in work that can contribute to their curriculum. As we get off the ground, we will reach out to the community at large.


So far, we are self-funded – actually the costs to date have been minimal. We do not intend to accept any sponsorship, advertising etc until the site has proved itself and we have determined a more formal ownership vehicle. One possibility is to form a community interest company – a form of limited company where the profits etc are fed back into the community.


The success of the Bellman will depend on the clubs, societies and people of Stonehaven using it as their go to place to post information about their activities, special events and stories. Any content that is about the town, its people or heritage would be welcome – stories, photos, videos all wanted.


To contact the Bellman and to send us content, please email



All content will be checked for suitability then posted asap