Stoney Sunrise

stonehaven sunset over gently lapping waves and shoreline

End of Autumn 2018 this image was taken. Around 7am. The trick here was capturing the texture of the water just as the sun’s rays were cascading across the stones. This is done by keeping the shutter open for longer than normal allowing as much of the movement in the frame to be absorbed by the camera as possible.


Thanks again to my mentor Andy Hall who was there to guide me while creating these images for my introductory portfolio.

Kip Watson - September 25, 2019

I like your description of the settings used in the taking of the shot providing valuable advice to beginners. It can claim the title photograph, unlike the increasing number of images seen now which should come under a more accurate heading describing the computer processes used in the production of something which, despite the “awesome” and “stunning” comments, is no longer a photograph. Fine artwork maybe, but photography?

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