Local crime trends to feature at area committee

By bellmannews / January 16, 2019
Stonehaven Council offices

MEMBERS will hear a verbal update on the local trends, issues and risks provided by senior police representatives at their meeting on Tuesday January 22 , at 9.30am at Viewmount.

Crime figures from April to September 2018 are compared to those from the same period in 2017. It would appear the residents of Stonehaven should be reassured as, for the main part, crime figures are reduced.

One glaring exception is in incidences of shoplifting – with an increase from 10 to 18 reports. Those interested in hearing the officer’s comments are welcome to attend the meeting.

The full agenda can be found at http://committees.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/committees.aspx?commid=8&meetid=19104