Police hit and fun

By bellmannews / January 22, 2019
The North East poloice crest

WHO would have thought our boys in blue would become on-line media hits?

At today’s meeting of the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee councillors were hearing from Chief Inspector Stewart Drummond, who was discussing driving safety – and the number of people looking to Facebook for road updates and advice.

He said such was the success of  Police Scotland North East Division’s Facebook page that it has a greater number of followers than the Press and Journal.

Never one to report fake news, The Bellman – who is a bit of an old duffer and new to Facebook – has verified this claim. The Press and Journal has 65,921 followers while the stream of comment and reports from the North East Division has 91,167.

Have a look. You ‘donut’ have to be Sherlock Holmes to spot good information coupled with a great sense of humour.


North East Division Facebook