It’s the circular economy, stupid

By bellmannews / January 30, 2019
items of rubbish - plastic bottle, pizza box

or – waste not want not

As householders, we should see value not waste in our bins. This is one of the aims of a new waste strategy approved last week by Aberdeenshire Council, who wants to maximise its income from recycling. To make this happen, we are to have a new collection regime with three bins.

Our old newspapers, boxes and birthday cards account for about two thirds of the mixed recyclables collected in the Shire. And it would be worth more money if it were clean. So it will shortly be collected separately, to avoid contamination – that’s bin number one (240L) in the new strategy.

Recycle bin two (240L) will contain a happy jumble of metals, cartons and plastics – bottles, pots, tubs and trays. These materials also have value, but with varying market prices.

And then there is the non-recyclable waste, which if you’ve done your sorting carefully should fit into a 180L bin.

In 2016-2017, over half of the waste put into non-recyclable waste bins was actually recyclable through the services currently available to residents. If householders were more careful, Aberdeenshire’s recycling rate could be well over 70%, instead of the current 43.7%.  This would provide significant financial savings of up to £565,000 – in addition to environmental and local benefits.

There’s plenty time to rearrange your in-home sorting and work on a wheelie-bin parking area in the garden. The new service is not scheduled to be rolled out until 2020-21, when a three week collection cycle of the three bins will ensue, with your food waste caddy being uplifted every week.

And what is a circular economy? It is objective number one of the new waste strategy and is an ambition of the Scottish Government. A circular economy is where materials are considered as a resource and such resources are used efficiently. Sorted.