Sign Up to Reduce Seagull Nuisance

By bellmannews / February 21, 2019
wall mural in Aberdeen cartoon of 'super scurry' caption He's awa wi yir chips'

The Stonehaven Town Centre Improvement Group are encouraging residents and businesses who have not signed up to the seagull egg and nest removal programme to return their forms by 28 February. 

The response has been very low this year with only 39 property owners signing up to the scheme so far.  The total cost of operating the scheme is £6450 with a contribution of £1500 from Aberdeenshire Council. 

Therefore unless there is a significant increase in the number of people signing up to the initiative the work will not take place.  To employ the services of a contractor to carry out the work on one property would cost in the region of £300 to cover three visits – so it is felt £50 is a reasonable sum to request. 

Seagulls start to lay their eggs in late May and can continue into early July therefore three visits are undertaken to ensure as many eggs as possible are removed during the mating season.

Last year 328 eggs were removed from rooftops. If we are to see a significant reduction in the nuisance caused by seagulls in our town centre we need to keep up the work.

The featured artwork can be seen on the gable of Country Ways on Holburn St, Aberdeen