Give Crisp Packets Another Life

By bellmannews / February 23, 2019
CCS volunteer standing outside shop holding box of empty crisp packets

By David Neill

Walkers Crisps have joined the Eco movement and we at Cornerstone Connects Stonehaven, CCS, are giving a helping hand

As part of our ethos at CCS we were so pleased to support the Walkers Crisps venture.  CCS is now a collection point for used (cleaned hopefully) crisp packets. The packets do not have to be of the Walkers variety, any types will do.

Walkers are recycling these packets to make plant pots, park benches, watering cans and cool, cool looking bags.  This in turn helps the environment by reducing plastic and foil waste, with the added bonus of raising funds for charity and schools each time you help recycle.

So, please collect your bags, give them a quick clean and bring them to CCS, 26a Evan Street in Stonehaven.  Our phone number is 01569 760107.
Thank you David Neill, Team Member, CCS (Cornerstone Connects Stonehaven)