Tree Felling at Carron

By bellmannews / February 23, 2019
Tree surgeons at work on junction of Carron Terrace and Arduthie terrace, Carron River in foreground

WORK has begun on the tree felling essential to enable the flood prevention measures for the River Carron.

Some 44 trees are due to be felled – though only five were assessed by experts as being of high quality. Planning permission was required for their removal – this was granted in August 2017, along with permission for others within the conservation area.

An Arboricultural Implications Assessment report by Mott Macdonald details the studies made of the trees along the Carron and Glasslaw, including pits dug to investigate root penetration. Tree by numbered tree, their report details the type, age and quality of each specimen – and recommends either it is felled because it is in direct conflict with the flood wall alignment, or protected during the flood works.

A series of charts details the siting of each tree, the extent of its canopy and an indication of its fate. New planting to be undertaken is also shown.

All of this information is available on the Aberdeenshire Council website. It is worth a look, if only to have an appreciation of the work that goes on behind the scenes of major projects such as this.