String of Reports for Councillors

By bellmannews / March 4, 2019
Stonehaven Council offices

ACTION on child poverty and educational attainment  at Mackie Academy are on the agenda, but the maintenance programme for Stonehaven harbour is one of the first items for consideration at tomorrow’s meeting of the Kinardine and Mearns Area Committee.

Councillors will be asked to aprove/note the revenue and capital works programmes, which include £100,000 allocated for sheet piles investigation/design.

Discussion will then move on to the local authority’s proposed child poverty action plan, which will ultimately go to the full council for approval.

According to the national End Child Poverty campaign, 9.13% of children in Kincardine & Mearns were living in poverty after housing costs were considered (2017 data). This was lower than the Aberdeenshire average of 12.59%.

A string of actions (either by the local authority, or other agencies such as NHS Grampian, SCARF and Aberdeenshire Employability Partnership) are recommended. Outcomes, timescales, target groups and performance measures are indicated.

One such action is:

“3.2 Explore the potential for further improving support for families experiencing food poverty, including addressing food insecurity during school holidays.”

Our young people remain on the agenda as the councillors are asked to consider and comment on a report entitled, Analysis of Attainment and Achievement of Young People in Kincardine and Mearns Secondary Schools in Accredited Awards, Year Ending June 2018.

This includes a discussion of the changes brought by the removal of internal assessment units and the effect on the final external exams and the impact on attainment data.

The performance of each school and its pupils is compared to a “Virtual Comparator” VC – a group of young people from across Scotland who match the characteristics of the youngsters at our schools.

The comment section on Mackie Academy concludes:

“The school’s progression remains a positive picture; there are areas that require focus regarding its attainment and achievement to ensure that it is challenging its Virtual Comparator in Insight. In S4, the school will be looking creatively at its curriculum to ensure that pupils are being challenged to achieve the best they possibly can, especially at National 5 Level. Purposeful progression through the Senior Phase requires the school to be responsive to the needs of its young people. This is particularly prevalent through S5 and S6 where small cohorts of pupils are not adding value to their learning pathway. This is a critical area of development for the school to ensure that it gets it right for every child. “

All reports for the meeting can be read in full at:

The Area Committee meeting is held at Viewmount, on Tuesday March 5 at 10am. Members of the public are welcome.