Welcome Arduthie Bee

By bellmannews / March 21, 2019
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Hello and welcome to the Arduthie Bee, Arduthie Primary School’s web space. Here, we bring the people of Stonehaven news about our activities in and out of school – from cross-country club to our Primary 7 trip, from dancing shows and ceilidhs in the town hall.

One of the things you might like is our ‘Meet the Teachers’ series where we go around and do vox pops with Arduthie teachers, which is like a short questionnaire, and publish their answers here. No pressure, teachers! It’s your time to shine. 🙂

You’ll also find stories about trips to faraway lands we’ve been on, about our hobbies and clubs, and interesting stuff we do in our school, so you won’t miss a thing.

Hope you enjoy our stories!

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