Parking Charges – Have Your Say

By bellmannews / March 25, 2019
picture of parking charges sign at Market Square

Aberdeenshire Council has launched a public consultation on its plans to harmonise charges across the Shire – a move which will bring an end to the free 30 minute period in the Market Square.

The proposed Aberdeenshire Council (Off Street) Parking Order, 2019 would see the six areas having their various parking charges amended so all were the same. This will produce some winners and losers: in Banchory free parking has been available for 45mins in Scott Skinner Square, while in Huntly, motorists have already been paying 60p for one hours’ parking in the Square.

The new changes proposed for the Kincardine & Mearns area are as follows:


  • –  Remove the free 30 minute parking period (with no return within 2 hours included in the conditions) and replace with a 50 pence charge for 0-1 hour.
  • –  Introduce a new parking tariff for 1-2 hours of £1.00. This would replace the existing tariff for 0-2 hours of £1.20.
  • –  Introduce a new parking tariff for 2-5 hours of £3.00. This would replace the existing tariffs for 2-3 hours of £2.00 and over 3 hours of £5.00.
  • –  There will be no increase to the tariff in Pay and Display car parks for periods exceeding 5 hours as the existing parking period and tariff for over 3 hours for £5.00 will be replaced with a parking period and of over 5 hours for £5.00.
  • –  Change in the chargeable period from 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday to 8am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

The tariffs will be inclusive of the cashless parking convenience charge. The new Off-Street Parking Order will also have material changes to the terms and conditions of off-street parking.

Full details of the proposals are in the draft order which, together with a statement of the Council’s reasons for proposing to make the order, may be examined during normal office hours at: Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen (contact Lorna Hogg on 01467 536411) and online at any Aberdeenshire Library via measures/

Anyone wishing to object should send details of the grounds for objection in writing to the undersigned or via the above website from 25 March 2019 until 15 April 2019. Objections should state the name and address of the objector, the matters to which they relate and the grounds on which they are made. Head of Service, Legal and Governance Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB16 5GB

Objections will be acknowledged once the objection period has lapsed. They will then be investigated and a response sent back advising of the findings.

Objections and responses are expected to be reported to the Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee on June 20.


To address issues which have arisen, technological changes or unnecessary procedural detail that have come to light since the last revision. The changes to charges are to address an ongoing budget deficit of £244,000 per year, encourage longer dwell time in town centres to support economic activity and reduce confusion of differing charging periods and tariffs.

This Consultation is on changes to the following Off Street Parking Orders:

  • The Aberdeenshire Council (Banff and Buchan) (Off-Street Parking) Order 2014
  • The Aberdeenshire Council (Buchan) (Off-Street Parking) Order 2014
  • The Aberdeenshire Council (Garioch) (Off-Street Parking) Order 2014
  • The Aberdeenshire Council (Formartine) (Off-Street Parking) Order 2014
  • The Aberdeenshire Council (Kincardine and Mearns) (Off-Street Parking) Order 2014
  • The Aberdeenshire Council (Marr) (Off-Street Parking) Order 2014
  • The Aberdeenshire Council (Oldmeldrum) (Off-Street Parking) Order 2014

These are to be replaced with a single “The Aberdeenshire Council (Off-Street Parking) Order, 2019”. The area based Orders were introduced to allow for more flexibility to adapt car parking regimes to local needs. In practice this has caused confusion for the public and unrest between communities.