Wading Workmen

By bellmannews / March 27, 2019
workmen and digger in Carron at pedestrian bridge

The Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme is proving an attraction in its own right. Visitors stood watching with interest from the boardwalk wooden bridge at the works being undertaken on the River Carron.

wading workman guide digger as it drops large concrete blocks to form a line down middle of river

Meanwhile, Project Community Liason Officer Shiela Tolmie, pointed out the route where a  temporary beach bridge crossing will be placed over the Carron. The existing wooden beach bridge is to be removed and a temporary modification to the boardwalk done, to allow continued pedestrian access along Stonehaven bay to the Backies and the harbour.

Keep an eye out as the team get to work along the River Carron.

See our earlier story which includes a video of the finished scheme and a plan of the Carron Bridge area works