Last Chance to Comment on Local Plan

By bellmannews / April 1, 2019
photo of LDP main issues report booklet and response form

CONSULTATION on the emerging Aberdeenshire local plan ends on April 8.

A local development plan, LDP, identifies development opportunities in our towns and villages, and sets out the policies all applications will be assessed against.

Aberdeenshire Council is formulating its next LDP – for the ten years commencing 2021. In January it published its Main Issues Report highlighting changes to the current LDP. This document was hoped to spark discussion and debate – and feedback.

And using early responses, planners have already started work on a proposed draft plan. The link below takes you to the section including Stonehaven at page 101. The maps give a picture of how Stonehaven may grow and change over the next decade.

Section of draft that includes Stonehaven

As you will see, new housing is proposed for sites at Ury Estate, Carron Den and land at Kirkton of Fetteresso. Much of this development is already underway. What is proposed is now a total of 455 homes across four sites at Ury; 155 homes at Carron Den; and 50 homes at Kirkton of Fetteresso.

Three areas are reserved for business use – at East Newtonleys, Redcloak and Spurryhillock. And further land at East Newtonleys is allocated for employment.

There is still time to influence that picture – and Stonehaven and District Community Council are urging residents to take part in the consultation.

They have issued their own draft – of their proposed response to the consultation. Read the SDCC response here

You can see the Main Issues Report and take part in the consultation here:  

Following the close of the consultation on April 8, all comments received will be analysed and the conclusions presented in reports to councillors as “issues and actions” papers, before work starts on producing the final Proposed Local Development Plan.

A Proposed Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2021 is then expected to be presented to councillors in November 2019.

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