I’m the King of the Castle!

stand up paddle boarder on way to Dunnottar Castle blue sky, calm seas

OR it could be a Queen who is crowned later this year when a stand up paddle board race to Dunnottar Castle comes to an end.

The ‘Race to the Castle’ Challenge has been issued by Dave Jacobs of Stonehaven Paddleboarding, who writes:

This is a challenge event running from now until the 26th of October and is free to enter.

The challenge is to race as fast as you can from my hut door to the iconic Dunnottar Castle door and back again. When you reach the Castle you will beach your board and go on foot to the Castle door. See pictures for the route etc

The challenge is free to enter and anyone is free to give it a go as long as you’re a competent paddle boarder. If you haven’t got your own kit you can use my kit. I have boards, paddles, wetsuits, boots etc – cost £20.

To time yourself you can either use Strava or another method. You must take a picture of yourself starting at my hut, arriving at the Castle door and back at my hut again. 

It is also important that you pm me telling me when you are setting off and when you have returned. This is for your own safety. If you can go with someone else that’s perfect but if you are going solo no problems, I will look out for you and advise if conditions are not good to go. 

Once you’ve completed then post your time, Strava or other and pictures on my Facebook page and then I will add your time to the leader board. 

You can do this challenge as many times as you want. It’s a great way to get out on the water, challenge yourself and other and get fit. I will update your time and place accordingly. 

On the 26th of October the challenge will close and the King or Queen of the Castle will be announced and crowned. This will take place the evening of the 26th in the Marine Hotel, if you can make it.
There will be a trophy for the winner and prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Keen? Then register by letting me know the following and I will add you to the leader board.
Type of board/paddle
Need to rent my kit 
Ability [must be competent, not suitable for beginners!]
Any medical conditions

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