Evan Street Roadworks

By bellmannews / April 19, 2019
Road of Evan Street

On behalf of Aberdeenshire Council, Leiths (Scotland) Ltd will be carrying out road surfacing works from Monday 22nd April 2019. The works will last for no more than 5 days although they aim to have it completed sooner.

The road will be closed during these dates, there will be no access through the works during these dates and there will be no on road parking. Local residents will still be able to get their cars in and out of private driveways but they may have to wait if surfacing is taking place at that time. Footway access will not be affected by the works.

The actual road closure will be in place from 0800 on Monday 22nd April and planing works are programmed to start at 0900. If a vehicle is still parked on the road at this time, the police will be notified in order to have the vehicle removed.

The work will generate noise and dust but the contractor aims to keep this to an absolute minimum and to complete the works as quickly as possible with the minimum of disruption.