Carron Flood Protection Photographs

By bellmannews / April 21, 2019

FOR those who have not been able to take a walk along the banks of the Carron, here is a selection of photographs of the work going on this week.

One photograph shows an archaeologist examining an old revetment just below the Carron Chip Shop that was exposed by the works.

Locals should be reassured that the building up of one side of the river with hardcore is purely to provide a temporary structure to enable the building of the flood wall.

And the old stone from the wall that lined the river along Carron Terrace is being kept and will be used when the flood wall is constructed.

There is a series of different fates awaiting the bridges: the boardwalk bridge will be replaced, with a temporary bridge being in place for a period; the Bridgefield road bridge will remain in use at all times, though the parapet will be changed to glass; the Green Bridge will be rebuilt suitable for disabled access, and sited further downstream (original remaining in situ until replaced); the Red Bridge will be rebuilt and will be out of action from June until March next year.

Information on the flood protection works is posted on three noticeboards that have been erected, and is available at the library. Any concerns can also be addressed by visiting community liaison officer Sheila Tolmie of McLaughlin & Harvey at the Villa Coffee shop any Thursday morning at 10am.

bellmannews - April 22, 2019

The Bellman has been using the term flood prevention to describe the works underway. We have been reminded the correct terminology is flood protection.

Sheila Tolmie - April 22, 2019

Great article and thanks for providing this for the community.

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