Memorable Launch Image

By bellmannews / May 1, 2019
Slightly artful shot of war memorial glowing gold with crew of lifeboat dressed in their yellow weather gear. The sky behind is spangled with stars

FOR a few short hours, as the skies darkened on Monday evening, Stonehaven’s War Memorial glowed gold.

Monuments and landmarks across the country were being illuminated to launch RNLI’s fundraising campaign, May Day. Local photographer Murray Aitken turned to for Stonehaven’s event, producing this amazing image.

“One by one death challenged them, they smiled in his grim visage and refused to be dismayed”. 
The War Memorial inscription

Lorraine Clark of Stonehaven RNLI said a special thanks also to Jim Stephen of Stonehaven Town Partnership, George Emslie, Martin Anderson and Greig Walker who all supplied lights and generators and helped set things up.

The May Day Fundraising Campaign is on through the month of May to raise money for crew kit, hence the yellow welly theme.

The RNLI aim to raise £700,000. All crew are issued with their own kit. One pair of yellow steel-toe-capped wellies costs £55, so you can understand why they need to raise funds. 

The Stonehaven station is holding an open day on 12th May 11am – 3pm, where there will be kids games, static displays, bbq, teas/coffees. Everyone is welcome. 

Lorraine said: “The community have been great in past years supporting our efforts and we hope that this continues this year. A big thanks goes to everyone for their continued  support. “