Flood Protection Works Move Upstream

By bellmannews / June 11, 2019
plan of Carron Works schedule

The next phase of work will see waiting restrictions and footpath closures for several months on both sides of the Carron.

A new construction site is now required, so from 9am on Friday, clearance and fencing works will commence on the area off Dunnottar Avenue close to the former island.

The contractors will be working from the upstream end of the site. The burn will need to be over pumped so there will be a requirement for super silent pumps to be operating 24 hours during the works. These will be located upstream only for the timebeing beyond 58 Carron Gardens.

As there will be plant and equipment around, residents have been reassured noise mitigation measures will be in situ where appropriate including noise and vibration monitors strategically placed throughout the works and monitored by the Project Engineers.

Meanwhile all Stonehaven residents should note:

From 21st May 2019 until 20th February 2020 there is no waiting from Invercarron Bridge (where the road crosses the Low Wood Road Culvert) to 48 Dunnottar Avenue on both sides.

➢ From 27th May 2019 until 26th September 2020 there is a footpath closure between Dunnottar Avenue to Arbuthnott Street

➢ From 24th June until 23rd February 2020 there is a footpath closure from Invercarron Bridge to 48 Dunnottar Avenue

Meanwhile on the other side of the Carron:

➢ From 24th June until 23rd February 2020 there will be no waiting on both sides of Carron Terrace between Arduthie Street junction to 20 Carron Terrace

➢ From 24th June until 23rd February 2020 a road closure between 22 Carron Terrace to the Green Bridge

An update will be provided as works progress further downstream but if you wish to discuss this or any other project-related matters please contact Sheila Tolmie on: 07867 193 124 or by email to stonehaven.community@mclh.co.uk. Alternatively, pop along to the Villa Café on Thursday morning between 10 – 12 noon.

You can also find information on the project website https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/environment/flooding/stonehaven-fps/

plan of Carron Works schedule