Cash for Boardwalk

By bellmannews / June 21, 2019
low level shot of man walking on boardwalk

STONEHAVEN’S well-trodden boardwalk is to get a revamp thanks to a quarter million pound cash boon.

The award from the second round of funding from a multimillion pound fund for town centre improvement projects in Aberdeenshire will also provide new seating and improved access from the harbour to the town centre.

The Scottish Government announced a £50million Town Centre Fund in December to drive local economic activity and to stimulate and support economic improvements.

Aberdeenshire Council’s share is £3.28million and the first round of successful funding bids was announced last month, worth a total of £2.7million.

Cash from the fund has to be legally committed by March 2020, so given the time constraint, consultation with councillors, business associations, community groups and services within Aberdeenshire Council identified several projects ready to be delivered.

A specially constituted panel considered projects which would stimulate and support a wide range of investments, encouraging town centres to diversify and flourish.

The panel recently granted awards to four projects worth £471,600 in the second round of funding, including the purchase of an empty property in Fraserburgh to bring it back into use.

Turrif is to have new CCTV and a town centre canopy, while Portlethen will benefit from improvements to the business area of The Green – consisting of new signage, a notice board, new lighting, landscaping of the area, new benches and an upgrade to the parking markings and disabled bays.

bellmannews - June 27, 2019

Hi Linda

The roads are a disaster at the moment for sure. Allardice Street is scheduled to be resurfaced – I’ll see if I can get any update on when exactly the work is to be done.

Linda gellatly - June 25, 2019

Please sort the main roads in the town of Stonehaven. They atrocious for bikers in the town. And alot of bikers visiting and staying over. Dare not turn right at lights so carried on Allardice street south. The grooves!!

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