New Pedestrian Bridge in Place

By bellmannews / June 21, 2019
new bridge from old bridge

HOW many bridges are there over the River Carron? – This would be a great pub quiz question, but the answer would depend on which day you are asking about.

The current tally just went up by one, with a successful lift on Wednesday of the temporary bridge close to the mouth of the river.

Sheila Tolmie of McGlaughlin & Harvey said the contractors were absolutely delighted with the new structure, which ‘fits like a glove’.

Pedestrians will have to wait a week or two before they can use the bridge, as the contractors still have work to do rerouting services, such as the sewage pipeline, underneath.

And a diversion off the prom will be needed for a couple of days to enable the construction of the new footpath and completion of the bridge structure before it is finally open for locals and visitors during the first week of July.

Meanwhile, Sheila said she wanted to reassure residents that the old stone wall running parallel to the river and boardwalk will not be affected in any way by any of the flood protection proposals.