Contactless Parking Payment

By bellmannews / June 22, 2019

A MORE convenient way to pay the new parking fees will be in place in Stonehaven by September.

Work has begun to upgrade ticket machines to allow contactless card payment in Aberdeenshire’s Pay and Display car parks.

The first two machines have already been installed in Inverurie and Peterhead and have been well used by motorists already.

While the main machine casing remains the same, the internals and user panel of the payment machines are being upgraded.

The aim, based on feedback from local business organisations, is to make paying to park that little bit easier for visitors.

Keypads are clearer and easier to use and contactless payment is accepted, as well as coins.  All instructions are on the machine screen and just need to be followed step by step.

The RingGo system continues to be available, offering the advantage of extending a parking session remotely, without returning to the vehicle. The council is covering the cost of the small fee for using the service.

While the machines have just been installed this week in Peterhead’s Prince Street and Inverurie’s Burn Lane car parks, the intention is to roll out 12 more before September 1, so that each car park in Inverurie, Peterhead and Stonehaven has at least one machine accepting contactless payment.