Tree is Living War Memorial

archive black and white photo of large group of people on a hillside


In recent times there have been some important and moving celebrations of events both from the first and second world wars.  We are in the near future about to celebrate another fairly unique event.

On 6th July 1919 an oak tree was planted by the then Provost of Stonehaven to commemorate the signing of the Peace Treaty thus ending the Great War.

The tree still stands on the Glebe land of Dunnottar Church and a service of remembrance is to take place beginning in the church at 10.30am on 6th July 2019 and culminating in a short wreath laying ceremony at 11am.

The oak tree is registered as a National War Memorial and as far as I know is the only “Living” monument in the area.  

Anyone wishing to attend this service will be made most welcome.

Donald McRae

Editor’s note:

A link to the Imperial War Museum listing can be found here