Burning Issues at Area Committee

By bellmannews / July 1, 2019
frying pan fire - cheap whisky flambe

COOKING is the main cause of household fires according to the latest annual report by Fire Scotland to the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee.

The report features in Tuesday’s forthcoming meeting at Woodhill House where councillors will hear there were nine deliberate fires in Stonehaven and Lower Deeside during 2018-19. This figure becomes less alarming when the breakdown of such fires shows most are caused by burning rubbish or grasslands.

Some 13 fires were in the home but again there would appear to be little cause for alarm as most were not severe in nature and many were already out by the time Fire Scotland attended. There were no casualties in Stonehaven during the report period. Over half of the domestic fires across the area were caused by cooking accidents.

The report states: ”The local crews are focussing on this trend when undertaking Home Fire Safety Visits (HFSV) and where necessary, working closely with our Community Action Team and other partner agencies through the Aberdeenshire Community Safety Hub to carry out case conferences on individuals deemed at risk.”

In this vein, officers made 105 home fire safety visits to households in Stonehaven and Lower Deeside last year.

The full report along with all papers pertaining to the meeting, which takes place on Tuesday, July 2 at Woodhill House, can be found here