Div Ye Ken Yer Doric?

By bellmannews / July 4, 2019
Shopping bag with 'I;m dead posh, I'm no fae around here'

Participants are bein sought fur a Call my Bluff-style game wi a difference. Aire is bound tae be amusement an befuddlement aplenty as contestants seek tae unsteek the derivations o Doric words an phrases borrowing the format fae the popular BBC quiz.

The game forms part o the Across the Grain Festival – a month lang celebration o teuchter culture takkin placie aat a range o Aberdeenshire venues whilk takes placie in October.

The hunt is on fur teams o three tae sign up sae aat they can showcase their Doric leid knowledge in September in the lead up tae the festival far teams ah’ll compete in teuchter heats. The winning teams ah’ll then compete agwen each ither aat the final in October far een team ah’ll be announced Doric caa ma Bluff champions 2019.

Live lyffe Aberdeenshire Libraries ah’ll be providing aa o the words wi brief definitions. It is up tae each individual if they wint tae elaborate on ony o the definitions we provide sae if ye hiv a lo’e o the Doric dialect an fair go like tae take part in this quiz contact yer teuchter library. If ye are an individual an fair go like tae take part the library service can find ye a team tae join locally sae please still get in touch. It is free tae enter an open tae aa ages .  

Ye can find the contact details on the Live lyffe Aberdeenshire website https://www.livelifeaberdeenshire.org.uk/libraries/

The closing date fur team or individual submissions is Monday August 19. The final ah’ll be takkin placie aat the Aden Theatre in Aden Country Park Mintlaw atween 7pm an 9pm on Thursday October 10 as part o Across the Grain. 

The Bellman is indebted tae doricphrases.com fur deein great jape o translating the cooncil s press release

Photo courtesy of All Wrapped Up