Bin the Butts

By Stephen Fraser

New recruits Stephen and Elijah Fraser have been volunteering with Horizon and have enjoyed helping to keep the popular recreational areas of the beach promenade clear and tidy from litter.

Using litter pickers to gather, and their high-vis vests to identify themselves to the public, we have been working away, glad to be able to be of service to the local community and finding value in helping with the upkeep of the beautiful town front.

Cigarette ends and ketchup packets

We have noticed that there are certain items of litter that constantly reappear in great volume such as cigarette ends and ketchup packets from take away meals, along with the paper wrapping from the meals themselves.

Cigarette butts are plastic – cellulose acetate – and can take up to 15 years to decompose. Like other plastics they can prove a deadly meal for birds.

It would be great if patrons of the town and visitors who still drop litter, were able to be more mindful of binning these items. The outdoor areas can be the greatest respite from the tiring, stressful lifestyles lived in our society, it is important we look after them.

Stephen with his son Elijah
Stonehaven’s sea front is looking tidier thanks to this pair of litter pickers – Stephen is pictured with his son Elijah while out on litter picking duties this week.