War on Weeds!

grass growing in pavement cracks

STONEHAVEN’S Horizon group are appealing for helpers next week as they wage war on weeds in the town centre.

At this time of year, the volunteers are seen out and about with their watering trollies, keeping the floral displays for which they are best known looking their best.

Now, the group want to attack the weeds lining the streets of Stonehaven, which they feel detract from their efforts.

Convenor John Cruickshank said: ”We take great pleasure from the response we get to our hanging baskets and planters. Everyone says how lovely they look.

”But we feel the image of the town is being greatly let down by the shabby, weedy appearance of the main road and some streets.”

And he is appealing for volunteers to join Horizon in their weed clearing efforts. The campaign is due to run on Monday to Wednesday evening next week, with helpers asked to meet in the Market Square at 7pm.

If you are able to join in, you are asked to bring any hand tools and brushes etc. A high viz vest will be provided along with litter pickers and rubbish bags. Any youngsters must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

Mr Cruickshank added: ”Many people think it is not their responsibity and the council should be looking after everything.

”But they have limited budgets now. So perhaps we need to go back to old habits of keeping an eye on the area around our home and taking back ownership of our own frontages.”

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesman said: “We are very supportive of Stonehaven Horizon’s initiative and will do all that we can to support them.”

And it would appear that Stonehaven is not the only community suffering an onslaught of kerbside greenery. A Peterhead resident has undertaken a similar project to root out offending grass, dandelions and thistles, and has received hundreds of comments on the Fubar Facebook page praising him for his efforts.

FD - August 3, 2019

Great efforts once again by the Horizon Group. I think next on the hitlist should be the cigarette ends outside the local hostelries. Outside Number 44 is disgusting, as is the taxi rank, Farmfoods/bus stance and town hall. It appears that hardly anyone takes pride in the pavement in front of their premises.

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