Royal Visitors for Stonehaven

By Jane Cruickshank / September 25, 2019
exterior shot of McHardy's

THREE Stonehaven businesses are looking forward to sharing their unique offerings to our future monarchs next week.

According to the online diary for The Prince of Wales, The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay will visit Stonehaven town centre on Wednesday October 2.

Meanwhile W M Donald, a family run construction and civil engineering business, are to have the royal couple open their new headquarters. at Marrlaine, Netherley.

While in Stonehaven, their Royal Highnesses will visit Charles McHardy Butchers, Giulianotti’s and Grainger’s Deli.

Arrangements for the royal visitors have been underway for some time, but Robert Clark, owner of Charles McHardy Butchers, told The Bellman his lips had been sealed until the public announcement earlier today. And he said he was now making sure all was in good order for the royals.

”I’ll be making sure I stock up my shop and make it look pretty,” he said.

Undoubtedly our local confectionery specialist Marjory Stephen will offer an array of the now legendary ice-creams from the business established in 1899 and celebrating 120 years of service.

And though Grainger’s is a much younger addition to Stonehaven’s business community, there will be much history to discuss, as the owners Dave and Maia have links to Kinneff Old Church where the Honours of Scotland were hidden by Rev James Grainger under the floor of the church back in 1651, when Cromwell’s army, led by General Overton, besieged Dunnottar Castle.

So an exciting week for Stonehaven. Royal warrant signs to follow?

Jane Cruickshank - September 26, 2019

I bet our royal visitors would be delighted to sit down for a cup of tea!

Mags Ashworth - September 26, 2019

Hopefully The Waterfront Cafe will get a visit as a very recent double award winning establishment?

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