Size Does Matter

By Jane Cruickshank / September 25, 2019
The bridge in question

Councillors say possible bill for lowering Slug Road too high

LAST week The Bellman reported on the proposals to lower the Slug Road to allow double decker buses to pass under that were to be discussed by councillors at the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee this week.

It was a project that had no fixed cost due to the unknown challenges presented by utilities underneath the road surface.

And at their meeting on Tuesday, councillors voted against the project on grounds of the potential cost.

In her Facebook report of the meeting, Councillor Sarah Dickinson stated: ”Preliminary investigations were undertaken into the costs and implications of lowering the Slug road. This work indicated that this would not be a simple or cheap option. It is not simply a matter of scraping back the surface and then resurfacing but of having to lower the utilities beneath the current road surface as well. Network Rail might also object to works that could potentially compromise the foundations around the bridge.

”The costs of any works are estimated between £300,000 and £500,000 depending on the specific implications for the utilities. However, it should be noted that there are the potential for some savings to the council from restoring this service by lowering the amount of subsidy required to this bus service.

”Councillors ultimately did not agree to undertaking further investigations given such substantial costs. I did ask, though, that officers speak to Stagecoach about improving the scheduling of the connections between the town service and services into Aberdeen via Barclay Street. I also asked that they suggest to Stagecoach that more electronic bus information be made available around the town – such as at the library so that, if residents do have to wait for a connection for any length of time, they can do so somewhere warm and comfortable. ”

A note from Jane at The Bellman

Normally, I would want to attend Area Committee meetings myself and write my own report – but this is not always possible. So I’m grateful to Councillor Dickinson for taking the time to give her account of the proceedings.

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For Councillor Dickinson’s full report on the meeting, see her Facebook page