Ury Houses Objection

By Jane Cruickshank / October 10, 2019
Billboard at Ury Estate

STONEHAVEN and District Community Council are to object to proposals for more housing at Ury Estate.

In August, Kirkwood Homes submitted an application for the erection of 33 dwellinghouses and associated infrastructure at the estate.

At Tuesday’s community council meeting, Paul Lindopp told fellow members he felt SDCC should object – as concerns raised last May, when there was an application for 94 houses, remained unresolved.

That application was granted. But Mr Lindopp listed areas he did not feel had been addressed.

He said: ”In terms of education, last time round there was a simple response saying they did not object – but no rationale as to why not

”And in terms of flooding and drainage, it is still the same out of date document that is in place,” he said.

Proposing that SDCC write in objection to the application, Mr Lindopp said they should ask the same questions they had asked before – seeking reassurance on school rolls, medical practice capacity, an integrated flood risk assessment and sustainable urban drainage assessment – along with demands for the building of the link road.