Council Workers to Call Foul

By Jane Cruickshank / November 13, 2019
give a dog a bad name.. golden doodle walking taken from side

ABERDEENSHIRE Council’s bin men and grass cutters may soon be able to issue fixed penalty notices to owners who do not pick up after their dogs.

This move was revealed at last night’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Council, where members were seeking an update on a topic they have been pursuing for several months – dog mess on the town’s pathways and verges.

Our dog warden, Gillian Abel, attended earlier meetings to explain the law – and the difficulties in enforcing it.

Ms Abel is not permitted to use covert means to catch offending dog owners, so either has to witness the incident herself, or, be given enough information and evidence by a member of the public to enable her to take action.

But SDCC said they wanted the local authority to take a more ‘proactive stance’. And it would appear their dogged determination in seeking more enforcement has paid off.

When asked for an update, Councillor Sarah Dickinson told SDCC discussions were underway with Roads, Landscape Services and Waste departments – with the aim of having a number of their staff authorised under the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act to issue fixed penalty notices for dog fouling offences.

She said: ”They are all officers who are outside anyway, so more likely to spot something during the working day.”

Councillor Dennis Robertson welcomed the move.

He said: ”It is down to public education. And with more more issued penalties, then that message will get across.”

Norman Archibald - November 18, 2019

How about emptying the bins more regular as I have seen them so full that people have just left the poo bags at the base of the bins.

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