Webcast of Final Sea Wall Council Meeting – Now Available

By Jane Cruickshank / November 28, 2019

TODAY’S meeting of the Infrastructure Services Committee is about to start – 10.15am.

Councillors from across the Shire will consider the proposals for flood defences along with schemes in Ellon, Inververurie and Port Elphinstone, and Insch – and Stonehaven

The meeting can be watched live online – or later on catch up – using the following link

Start watching at 2 hours 50 mins.

At last week’s meeting of the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee, councillors voted in favour of the proposals for Stonehaven:

• North Zone – Improve the existing defences (raise existing wall) immediately and adapt to a new sea wall when the residual life is exceeded

• Central Zone – Raise existing wall and implement an adaptive beach recharge scheme immediately and replace (River) Cowie defences in year 30

• Harbour Zone – Manage the medium-term risk through Property Flood Resilience (achieved through Property Level Protection products) and construct new defences when the residual life of the current defences is exceeded (year 30).

However, they agreed a comment reading: ”The Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee support taking action to address the flood risk in Stonehaven to achieve a 1/200-year flood protection level.

”This action recognises the potential need for an increase in sea wall height as a result of projected sea level increases.

”However, the committee asks that all defences at sea are maximised in order to ensure that the sea wall height is optimised at the lowest achievable level such that the promenade need not be raised.”

A representative of Stonehaven Flood Action Group is to address the IS Committee.

If the Infrastructure Services Committee agree the proposals, the scheme will be referred to SEPA, who are prioritising Scotland’s flood defence spending in what is described as a highly competitive process. SEPA will then make recommendations to the Scottish Governement.

Back in 2016 Council leaders and Scottish Government ministers committed £420 million of funding over the next 10 years to flood protection schemes. It is money in this fund Aberdeenshire Council are hoping to tap in to.

Lesley duff - November 28, 2019

Please please do not raise the sea wall, please please , do not raise the sea wall, please listen to the local residence, raising the sea wall is a poor patch up exercise to say you have done something . Please please do not raise the sea wall it will achieve a prison wall keeping out the tourists and thrilling the waves to climb even higher in my humble opinion, I watch the waves spilling over the harbour wall, toot I am begging you to think again , sea defenses out at sea to break the waves before they hit the beach is what I see in every other worldwide

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