Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme Update

By StoneyLisa / January 19, 2020

Zone 4A North Between Beach Bridge and Bridgefield – Completing flood walls
Zone 1B North and South Between Bridgefield and White Bridge – Revised programme to be agreed
Zone 1C/D South Between the White Bridge and the Green Bridge – Reinstatement works
Zone 1D North and South – Currently construction of Green Bridge abutments and soon to
commence utility diversions on Low Wood Road
Zones 1C/D North Between the White Bridge and the Green Bridge – Recommencing Wednesday on
Cameron Street. This vital piece of equipment is the only method we can use to complete the task
and allow progress onto Carron Terrace. Out of consideration to the community, the piling work will
not start until 8 a.m. and finish at 5 p.m.
The first method of piling on Cameron Street involves a drop hammer. Although noisy, is the least
disruptive and weather permitting should last for a week. Once the Cameron Street piles have been
completed, we will be using a small vibrating hammer to install the piles in the middle of the river on
Carron Terrace up to the Green Bridge.
We then can begin creating the foundations for the wall structures and commence building the walls
between the White Bridge and Green Bridge area.
Zone 1E North Between the Green Bridge and Red Bridge – Work recommenced today in preparation
for the creating the foundations for the wall structures and commence building the flood walls.
Zone 2G Carron Gardens/Woodview Court – Backfilling and reinstatement behind flood walls on
both sides of the burn upstream
If the noise or vibration levels become too high during works, there are monitors in situ throughout
and our engineers are onsite reviewing this daily. Environmental Health have been on site and
discussed the works to be undertaken including the equipment being used and monitoring
arrangements that are in place to ensure compliance. The works are monitored continuously and
should like they are likely to exceed the agreed thresholds, works are temporarily ceased and
If you wish to discuss this or any other project-related matters please contact myself on:
07867 193 124 or by email to Alternatively, pop along to the
Villa Café on Thursday morning between 10 – 12 noon.
Please note that if we are unable to complete the works due to bad weather or an incident out-with
our control, we will undertake them at the next available opportunity.
We thank you for your continued cooperation during the construction works.