Flood Risk Reassurance

By Jane Cruickshank / February 15, 2020
The view from upriver of the former island

AS Storm Dennis hits Stonehaven, the contractors undertaking the Carron River flood protection scheme say they want to reassure householders they are not more vulnerable while works are underway.

Community liaison officer Sheila Tolmie told The Bellman she had been approached by concerned locals – and has issued the following advice:

”We as the Contractor are required not to exacerbate flood risk to properties during the works.

”For example, if we remove a section of the current river wall then temporary protection measures would have to be put in place to the same level. 

”Our works during construction are to convey a 1:10 year flood event  (industry standard for contractors risk level). This has been modelled and our working method involves a requirement to take half the channel and constructing a coffer dam in the middle of the channel to a 1m height which would still retain water in the channel in this level of event.

”When we have a flood event higher, then the water will spill over and flood the works.

”The Project Flood Action Plan is signed off by the Aberdeenshire Council Project Team and the Council Flood Team.  This is reviewed as works progress and any changes are incorporated into the plan and if any further protection is required, this will be put in place. 

”We are currently reviewing all areas to ensure the plan is up to date and the necessary flood protection measures are in place.  Therefore we are content that this approach does not make flood risk worse from the status quo.

”However this does mean until the scheme is completed the area is still at risk from flooding (beyond a 1:10yr event).  I would like to assure you that all areas are monitored daily and with the use of the timelapse cameras this is very easy to do in addition to supervision on the work site especially during heavy rainfall.

”Here is the link to the website for further information. https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/environment/flooding/stonehaven-fps/  In addition, we are delighted to say that the project recently received a Certificate of Excellence as part of our involvement in the Considerate Constructors Scheme, in particular the environmental aspects and community engagement.  https://www.constructionmap.info/map#.”