Skype Area Committee

By Jane Cruickshank / March 23, 2020
view towards Polbare from the boardwalk

Ury Road to be decided tomorrow –

COUNCILLORS of the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee will hold their meeting tomorrow using Skype.

The technology will undoubtedly prove useful in allowing the work of Aberdeenshire Council to continue safely during these difficult times.

Councillor Sarah Dickinson told The Bellman: ”I had two meetings this morning one of which had 30 people attending by Skype.

”We will be very adept at this by the end and it does keep us concise and to the point!”

Contentious Road Layout

One item on the agenda could test councillors’ efforts at succinct discussion – Kirkwood Homes’ application for full planning permission for its East Lodge link road infrastructure at land adjacent to East Lodge.

If granted, the Netherley Road would cut through the Polbare tree belt at the brow of the hill, and continue downhill to join the East Lodge Road at a give way junction west of the lodge.

The proposed layout would keep Ury’s East Lodge gateway open to traffic – giving easy access to the AWPR and the trunk road network. The current, consented road design imposes a mile-long detour via the North Lodge entrance.

The layout has faced opposition with 39 representations received – many from residents, who fear East Lodge Drive, which forms part of the the Slug and Netherley link road, will become a rat run.

Meanwhile, to mitigate substandard lines of sight, a pinch point will be required on the B979 – provoking concerns about the impact on farm traffic.

And a total of 106 trees in the Polbare belt of ancient woodland are to be felled in this proposal, including 63 beech, 33 sycamore, 5 elm, 4 ash and 1 oak – this will be mitigated by the planting of 1120 trees and 345 shrubs.

At their last meeting, after extensive debate, members deferred decision on the proposals pending a site visit – this took place last week.

Tomorrow’s meeting will be recorded and available in due course. Committee chair Wendy Agnew has also promised to let us know the outcome of the councillors’ vote.