Carron Flood Protection Update

By bellmannews / March 26, 2020
River in spate with pollarded trees on banks

From Sheila Tolmie of McLaughlin &Harvey –

Good afternoon,

Those in the project team who are currently still working and living in the community share your concerns about the current situation we find ourselves in and like all are following the guidance provided in order to protect our project personnel.

The following is an update based on questions currently being asked and the decisions that have been taken during a project review.

  1. What is happening as a result of COVID-19?

We are still working meantime, should we be instructed to stop work on the flood scheme we will undertake a review of the full site as we did at Christmas and where at all possible, remove any unnecessary temporary restrictions without increasing health and safety risk.  A communication will be sent to all stakeholders should this happen.

Further to the guidance that has been previously issued, the Project team has taken proactive steps to minimise the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and any subsequent impact to our employees.  We are monitoring the situation daily and working closely with Governments and official health bodies. 

We are aligning our response to the Government guidelines, which have raised the risk to the public from moderate to high, and we are acting accordingly, in a proportionate way.  This has meant us scaling down the workforce in addition to introducing further measures to protect them and the community.  All remaining staff have daily briefings on the site guidelines/measures put in place about social distancing, handwashing and respiratory hygiene.

As a result of feedback, out of consideration to residents at Carron Terrace, we have closed the footpath to Non-residents to maintain some form of social distancing during COVID-19.  Unfortunately we cannot stop people from using the path, however we hope that common sense will prevail and less will attempt to use it out of respect for the residents most affected by the restrictions in place.

Meetings, guided walks, drop in session, site visits, educational activities and house visits have been suspended meantime to minimise unnecessary contact to protect us all at this time.

  1. Have you changed construction activity and working hours?

Out of consideration to the community, activity on site will now commence at 8 a.m. and finish at 6 p.m. each day and to clarify, we will not be working this Saturday. You will see personnel undertaking general site duties and flood protection measures but we are focusing main construction activity on the following areas

Zone Activity
1C North between White Bridge and Carron Terrace Yes
1D North between Carron Terrace and Green Bridge Yes
1E North between Green Bridge to 21 Carron Terrace Yes
1E South between Green Bridge and Red Bridge Yes
  1. Emergency Services

Please be assured that we have been liaising with the Emergency Services and we have a plan in the case of an emergency both during the working day and after the site is closed.  In light of the current higher risk, construction plant is being moved from areas at night so there is clear access for any appliances who require access and the service personnel are aware of how to remove the hoarding and heras panels if necessary.

  1. Communication

Since February when the project communication policy was reviewed and revised , the CLO number 07867193124 remains and callers are asked to leave a message if it is an emergency. Those calling to request information are asked to use the dedicated email address   This enables emergencies to be prioritised and written communication for other matters to save any confusion or misinterpretation with people who have called the number.  Email also allows a query to be fully understood and the information provided clarified by the appropriate members of the project team before a response is sent. We are continuing to respond as normal to all enquiries as quickly as possible

We hope this demonstrates our commitment to keep all Stakeholders informed and show due consideration to the community during this current situation.  If we can be of any further assistance, please let me know.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation at this time and please stay safe.

Kind regards