Post Office to Close

By bellmannews / April 1, 2020
KeyStore premises

STONEHAVEN’S town centre post office is to close on Saturday.

A sign on the door of KeyStores gives warning of the closure on April 4, due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

This leaves the town with the Arduthie Sub Post Office, which is housed in the Co-op petrol station at Kirkton Road – and already under duress.

A posting on Facebook by a member of staff states: ”Due to the current situation, we will be closing for lunch from 1pm-2pm until further notice.

”As our office is a “fortress” only ONE member of staff is allowed in there at any time. Please bear with us in regards to queuing. You may be asked to wait outside the store if the shop also has a queue as they run parallel to each other.”

Unfortunately, the Arduthie Post Office will not be able to provide all the services offered at Keystores.

The post adds: ”As a sub post office, we don’t do road tax, passports or many other transactions the same as Keystores could, so please don’t get angry if we can’t help.”

And there is now a request that Arduthie Post Office is used for essential transactions only – banking, important mail, paying certain bills etc.

The closure has been confirmed by a Post Office spokesperson

Portlethen Post Office on Rowanbank Road offers a range of services, meanwhile it is believed Inverbervie Post Office on King Street Bervie does all transactions except passports. Opening times are 9-12pm then 2pm-5pm.

Pension payments

The distance to Kirkton Road may well prove too far for many older folks to collect their pension. In their latest bulletin, KDP included this Q & A information from the Post Office website.

Pension Payments & The Post Office – Q&A
Will payments into my account be delayed due to Coronavirus pandemic? 
No, payments into your account should be unaffected.

I am worried about going to the Post Office to collect my payments, can someone collect my money on my behalf? 
You should not give your card and PIN to somebody else to use. You can nominate someone you trust to become a Permanent Agent on your account this person will be given their own card and PIN to collect cash on your behalf. To nominate a Permanent Agent, please complete the ‘Permanent Agent access form’ (P6163), available from most Post Office branches.
Please note: You can ask someone to take the form to the Post Office on your behalf as long as the form is complete and has been signed by yourself.

My local Post Office is closed and I need to collect my money.
If your local branch is closed it will have a notice advising of the next nearest open branch. You can also use a Post Office ATM to withdraw cash from your POca. You can search for the nearest open branch using the branch finder on the Post Office website.

David Fleming - April 7, 2020

It is ridiculous that the Post Office has peremptorily closed the counter service in the centre of Stonehaven, with little notice and no consultation. There is absolutely no reason why the counter could not be kept open even if the Keystore does not want to trade. It means that everyone will have to get into a car (if they’ve got one) and travel some considerable distance to post a parcel or send registered envelope. There is a large elderly population in the centre of Stonehaven who are now even more isolated than they need to be. In these difficult times, the Post Office have an absolute duty to make emergency arrangements. Even the Royal Bank has a travelling office to take the place of a closed branch. Come on, Post Office, pull your fingers out and step up to serve your public.

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